Crypto: Women are lagging behind men in Web3 investing

Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency to enter the global market. The year 2008 marked the beginning of a new financial system. Bitcoin paved the way for data mining along with the concept of Web3 these are the reasons why governments and banks are afraid of bitcoin.

Web3 is nothing but enabling the system to make all your transactions online. Rather than a third-party company controlling your data, you are your own boss. As an investor, you gain complete control of your funding and the way you use it.

No one would have speculated Bitcoin to be pricey. The launch price was only $1 and today the same coin sells at $35k per token. Cryptos is the first Web3 investment. So how does investment in cryptocurrency work? You need to buy the required crypto from any popular exchange. The best way to trade cryptos is to buy the same when the price is low. Once the prices increase you may go ahead and sell it off. This allows for easy trading.

Other modes of Web3 investment include non-fungible tokens and the metaverse.

How does crypto mining take over as an investment option?

Another way to earn in cryptos is through crypto mining. If you have good programming skills and know-how to use super-fast computers. This is your game. Crypto mining is a way of investing your time into mining tokens. With the advancements in technology, today miners can also hire mining services.

Increase in crypto investments?

The Web3 investment has made a major head-turn in the past ten years. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, this currency has been attracting major funding. The current market capitalization of crypto tokens is $3 trillion.

Going by market analytics, there has been a major increase in Web3 investment since 2019. Both newbie and expert investors have taken major turns in this investment model. Additionally, the government has also been coming forward to ease regulations. There is also an increasing awareness amongst investors. There are major seminars, workshops, and awareness campaigns about crypto investment.

Women investors in the world of Web3

Despite the growing awareness, it is true that there are only 25%+ women investors. It is true that women are always choosy about their investments. Making them invest in any new model takes a lot of persistence. The same logic applies when it comes to crypto investments also.

It is true that women investors have increased in the past five years. But when we do a simple male to female comparison the number is not impressive.

Becky is one leading voice in the crypto industry. She is the founder of the Superbase NFT club. It is an agency that works towards providing crypto advice to females. The company has its base in Sydney. Becky got her way into crypto investments through her boyfriend. And once she understood the concept, Becky took it head-on. Today, she also feels responsible to drive this awareness among other females.

Can crypto make women financially independent?

It is true that there is a growing need for more female investors in crypto. According to a recent study, there is only a $0.84 ratio to every dollar that a guy earns. It is important to create awareness amongst women on this investment model. In the current operating model, the number of women investors may continue to rise in the next few years.

It is true that there are still regulations on women to manage investments. An example of this may be the Middle East and Africa. Given the current situation, women can turn their investments into cryptos. Such investments do not involve any banking or regulatory agencies. Cryptos have the ability to enable peer-to-peer transactions at ease. Such investments come in handy to women who are on the lookout for easy fund transfers.

Blockchain provides the ability to women living in countries with poor banking systems. Cryptocurrencies enable this to happen. It allows women across the globe to access and allow fund transfer.

Cryptocurrencies seem to be the future now. The token has the ability to replace the traditional currency system. Many countries are coming forward with their regulations to monitor this investment model. Additionally, many countries including India are planning to come up with native tokens. All these efforts give a message that crypto will become the future of the payment system.

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