Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong National Park, Location And History 

The warm and inviting feel of Australia has made it a top notch tourist destination. People are turning to Australia in great numbers to spend a memorable vacation and Australia fulfills their expectations.

Australia is ideal for every category of traveler. Those who love wild life, those who love adventure, those who love serenity, those who love beaches, those who love marine life and those of love natural beauty, can visit Australia to taste every bit of it. But, if you wish to enjoy all these things at one place, fret not, Australia will fulfill this wish too. Visit the Croajingolong National Park, where you get all these things in abundance at one place.

This coastal national park has always been popular among the tourists for the afore mentioned reason. This park is visited by n number of tourists every year.


The park is located at Victoria’s East Gippsland region. The Croajingolong National Park is about  280 mi (450 kilometres)  east of Melbourne and about 310 mi (500 kilometres) south of Sydney.


The park was established on 26th of  April, 1979. In the year 1977, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) nominated it as the World Biosphere Reserve.

Attributes of Croajingolong National Park

Along with the nearby Nadgee Nature Reserve in New South Wales, the Croajingolong National Park, forms one of only 12 World Biosphere areas in the country of Australia.  It contains habitats, ecosystems as well as gene pools. The park also encases the Sandpatch Wilderness Area and is juxtaposed with the Nadgee Nature Reserve, Cape Howe Wilderness Area and the Cape Howe Marine National Park.

The Nadgee to Mallacoota Inlet Important Bird Area, encloses the eastern part of this park.

Things To Do

This park is an amazing place for boating.  You can sail around the Mallacoota Inlet and along the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers.

There are many campgrounds in this national park. Wingan Inlet, Peachtree Creek and Shipwreck Creek are perfect campgrounds for car- based camping. Camp with your family and friends here, and enjoy beachwalking, birdwatching, fishing and boating.

Experience canoeing at the Mallacoota Inlet and the Betka, Wallagaraugh and Genoa  rivers’ lower sections.

Kayaking here is also a splendid experience.

There are also many picturesque picnic spots in the Croajingolong National Park like, the areas around the Mallacoota Inlet, Betka River, at the Betka Beach and Double Creek. Enjoy barbeques at the free gas barbeques available at Gravelly Point, Cape Horn and Captain Creek picnic areas.

The Betka Beach has some of the most spectacular views to offer, visiting here is a must.

Explare the Wilderness Coast Walk stretches about 100km from the Croajingolong National Park’s Eastern Shores of Sydenham Inlet to the Nadgee Nature Reserve’s Wonboyn in the NSW. 2WD is also available here.

Other places to explore in the Croajingolong National Park are Cape Howe Wilderness Zone, Genoa Peak, Wingan and Tamboon Inlet, Thurra river et al.


This park is a home to about three hundred and fifteen animal species and a thousand native species of plants.


Have you explored the complete Croajingolong National Park? We are waiting to know about your experiences. Please share with us, here.

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