Critical Analysis Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

Detailed Analysis Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

Brief Synopsis

Critical Analysis Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood – Snowman, a character in the book, lives in an outdoor setting near a water body with a group of alien entities, Crakers. The Crakers are full of questions and they always bring Snowman one fish every week. In the story, Snowman experiences anger from a man known as Crake. Crake is fond of and still hears the voice of Oryx.

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As I read on, I found out that Snowman was known as Jimmy. He lived in a compound that belonged to a company known as Organlnc. His father was a geneticist who worked with a lab technician, Ramona.

Pigs, known as pigoons, were grown for human organs in the lab and that brought tension in the marriage of Jimmy’s parents. The story continues with the pandemic outbreak that spreads across the earth from every city they marketed the BlyssPluss Pill. Jimmy ends up locking himself with the Crakers in the Paradice compound.

Eventually, Jimmy leaves the compound since electricity might run out and he relocates to the beachside park.

Critical Analysis of the Story 

The basic structure of the Oryx and Crake story is something we know too well. The book typically bounces back and forth between times that’s just before the collapse of humankind. From the beginning, you will feel that the setting is masterminded by an energetic and sure guide.

Although the structure of the story is complicated, the writer never loses the readers and shows them a clear forward path. All through the entire book, the plots turn relentlessly that you might end up feeling breathless. Will Jimmy tell about how the biological disaster was released? How will he survive the starvation, attack from the mutant pigs and injury?

But this book lacks the novel set in a dystopian future as the Handmaid’s Tale. All in all, if you love adventure and would like to indulge your brain a little, then this book is the perfect fit for you.

About The Author

Margaret Atwood is an amazing writer born in the year 1939 in Ottawa. She grew up on the northern side of Ontario, Quebec and at the same time in Toronto. She later received her undergraduate degree in Victoria College, University of Toronto.

She attained her masters in Radcliffe College. Throughout her writing career, Atwood received numerous awards of honorary degrees. What’s more, she’s written over 35 volumes of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children literature. She currently lives in Toronto

What Makes The Book so Scary? 

The book introduces us to a future where Biotechnology has taken the wrong route. Additionally, there are creatures that literally attack Snowman but at the same time, the Crakers are more than welcome. One of the characters deliberately created a super virus that kills. That is because he wanted his superhumans to thrive.

That’s what I’d prefer calling mad science at its best. As I read through the book, I’m torn between wishing on getting a glimpse of Atwood’s mind and thinking to myself how it would be terrifying. Regardless, this is a wonderful book that you should definitely add to your collection.

What Makes it Readable? 

The one question that will go through your mind is how can someone create such a fascinating story and at the same time terrifying? You will absolutely love the book. This is her second successful speculation of science fiction. It directly connects to some of the modern day fears and the future it might hold.

The ethics behind genetic engineering is still shaky but this book gives it a whole new meaning. You will never go wrong taking a walk through Margaret Atwood’s mind. But be sure of a terrifying experience.

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