Credit Intelligence Next Generation of BNPL Masterminded By King Jimmie Wong Ci1

King Jimmie Wong Building BNPL Ci1on a Foundation of Stone

One of the most successful debt-restructuring and personal insolvency management companies, Credit Intelligence (ASX: CI1), has revealed a huge announcement today. They are starting with their buy now, pay later (BNPL) service, aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). It’s developed in collaboration with UTS Sidney and it’s offering a wide range of lending options by YOZO Pay.

The core purpose of the YOZO Pay service is to redefine lending for small businesses. Central Intelligence has developed a set of BNPL service options to help SME to overcome financial roadblocks and to unlock the potential with new features.

YOZO Pay BNL service offers:

  1. Flexible repayment instalments
  2. Pay for what you use
  3. Same day loan approval
  4. Automatic borrower limit changes
  5. No property required for collateral

Credit Intelligence (ASX Ci1) BNPL Game Changers

The number of BNPL users has risen significantly over the past couple of years. CI1’s YOZO Pay BNPL service will enable SMEs to de-stress their cash flow, they will be able to extend payment terms for their business and still pay their suppliers on time. Purchases will become more affordable with this new lending system. The ability to spread payments over time brings a new and improved payment model.

YOZO Pay system gained extreme popularity in the COVID-19 crisis when it stepped out with social distance benefits for its clients. This way you’re saving time and money.

They are planning to further leverage their AI engine to come up with new features. Their next goal is to develop “24/7” loan approvals, which would make a great addition.

Jimmie Wong, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Credit Intelligence, is a real business mogul. He is remarkable in decision-making and has brought many revolutionary innovations in the business field. He has made a unique BNPL product for SME owners in Australia. No wonder they call him “King Wong”. He said that Credit Intelligence is always striving to improve its service.

With this new YOZO Pay BNPL service, they will definitely make an incredible success. We’ll keep you posted for any updates.

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