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List of books by Craig Halloran

List of Books by Craig Halloran with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Craig Halloran. Find my selection in date order of Craig Halloran books.

Craig Halloran List of Books to Read

Darkslayer Books

Wrath of the Royals         (2009)   

Blades in the Night           (2012)   

Underling Revenge           (2013)   

Danger and the Druid      (2013)   

Outrage in the Outlands  (2013)   

Chaos at the Castle          (2013)   

Impact Books

Zombie Day Care              (2011)   

Zombie Rehab    (2012)   

Zombie Warfare               (2014)   

Chronicles of Dragon Books

The Hero, the Sword and the Dragons       (2013)   

Dragon Bones and Tombstones   (2013)   

Terror at the Temple       (2013)   

Clutch of the Cleric          (2013)   

Hunt for the Hero             (2014)   

Siege at the Settlements (2014)   

Strife in the Sky  (2014)   

Fight and the Fury             (2014)   

War in the Winds              (2014)   

Finale    (2014)   

Darkslayer: Bish and Bone: Series 2 Books

Bish and Bone    (2014)   

Black Blood         (2014)   

Red Death           (2014)   

Lethal Liasons    (2015)   

Torment and Terror         (2015)   

Brigands and Badlands    (2016)   

War in the Wastelands    (2016)   

Slaughter in the Streets   (2017)   

Hunt of the Beast             (2017)   

The Darkslayer   (2017)   

Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files Books

Smoke Rising      (2015)   

I Smell Smoke     (2015)   

Where There’s Smoke     (2015)   

Smoke on the Water        (2015)   

Smoke and Mirrors           (2015)   

Up in Smoke       (2016)   

Smoke Signals    (2016)   

Smoke Happens (2017)   

Smoke Out          (2017)   

the Dragon: Tail of the Dragon Books

Tail of Dragon    (2015)   

Claws of the Dragon        (2015)   

Battle of the Dragon        (2016)   

Eyes of the Dragon          (2016)   

Flight of the Dragon         (2016)   

Trial of the Dragon           (2016)   

Judgement of the Dragon              (2016)   

Wrath of the Dragon       (2017)   

Power of the Dragon       (2017)   

Hour of the Dragon          (2017)   

Gorgon Thunder-Bot the Incinerator of Worlds Books

Days of Danger  (2015)   

Squawk Books

Squawk (2016)   

Savage and the Sorcerer Books

The Scarab’s Curse           (2017)   

The Scarab’s Power          (2017)   

The Scarab’s Command   (2017)   

The Sorcerer’s Trick         (2018)   

The Sorcerer’s War          (2018)   

Gamma Earth Cycle Books

Escape from the Dominion            (2017)   

Flight from the Dominion              (2017)   

Odyssey of Nath Dragon Books

Exiled    (2017)   

Enslaved              (2018)   

Deadly   (2018)   

Hunted  (2018)   

Strife     (2018)   

the Nath Dragon Short Stories/Novellas

The Quest for the Thunderstorm (2017)   

Standalone Novels

Jerk of All Trades              (2012)   

Clash of Heroes (2015)   

The Red Citadel and the Sorcerer’s Power               (2018)   

List of books by Craig Halloran

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Craig Halloran.


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