Countries Where Gambling Is Illegal

All Countries Allowed Gambling?

Gambling is illegal in some countries. Some of these countries have laws against gambling, while others have religious or cultural beliefs that prohibit it. In certain cases, gambling is illegal because of political reasons and deals with other countries who have strict rules on what their citizens can do abroad. Allowing people to gamble may be seen as a way for other governments to make money off of them, so they restrict it heavily.

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Why is Gambling Illegal in some Countries?

Gambling is illegal in many countries because it is considered a sin, vice or crime. Some countries have strict laws against gambling because they believe that it can lead to addiction and other negative social impacts on society. In addition, some governments do not see any reason for allowing people to spend their time playing games of chance as opposed to spending time working or studying; therefore, they ban all forms of gambling in their country.

Top Countries Where Gambling Is Illegal

The following are the top countries where gambling is illegal and/or regulated:


Afghanistan is a country in Central Asia that has some of the strictest laws against gambling. Gambling is not allowed in the country, which means that if you’re planning on going there for leisure or business reasons, it may not be worth your time.


Cambodia has taken a strong stance against gambling, and it is illegal to gamble in the country. The government has outlawed all forms of gambling and other forms of betting. However, there are still plenty of casinos in Cambodia that operate illegally. In fact, these places have become so popular among locals that they can be found everywhere from cities like Phnom Penh to rural areas like Kratie Province:

Bangkok Plaza Poker Room & Casino – Located on Sihanouk Blvd., this casino offers more than just table games; it also offers live poker tournaments every day.

Rio Quatro Poker Room & Casino – This place features over 100 slot machines as well as roulette tables where you can try your luck at winning big prizes with any amount you want to bet.


Gambling is illegal in Brunei. This is because of the Islamic faith, which has strict rules about gambling and other vices that can lead to a person’s downfall. The country also has a very conservative culture, which makes it difficult for people to engage in even harmless activities like watching sports or playing cards with friends.

North Korea

North Korea is one of the few countries where gambling is illegal. The country’s strict policy on gambling makes it difficult to play online or in person.

The North Korean government has banned all forms of gambling since 1998, but this does not mean that there are no casinos in North Korea at all. Some people still sneak into foreign casino resorts when they visit South Korea or China for business purposes, but these actions will result in a criminal record and imprisonment if caught by authorities.

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Singapore is a country that has a strict stance on gambling, with no casinos being allowed to operate inside its borders. However, there are still ways for you to gamble legally in Singapore if you’re traveling there for business or pleasure. For example, if you’re staying at one of the many hotels on Orchard Road, a famous shopping street that runs through downtown, they often have casino games available in their lobby areas during business hours you can play them while waiting for your plane ride home.


Japan is one of the few countries in Asia that is not known for its gambling culture. In fact, the Japanese government has banned all forms of gambling since 1948. This law was implemented because of the negative effects it had on society and families, which included divorce rates and alcoholism among other issues.

But despite these efforts at keeping people away from casinos and slot machines which are illegal, they are still popular with players outside of Japan who travel to this country every year to play them illegally as well as having been mentioned in articles published by foreign news outlets.


Qatar is a Muslim country, which means that gambling is illegal. The penalty for gambling in Qatar is a fine and deportation. Running an illegal gambling establishment can also lead to fines and deportation, as well as imprisonment for up to five years if you’re caught playing online poker or other games of chance.


Lebanon is a country in the Middle East. It’s also home to one of gambling’s most famous landmarks, the casino at its capital city’s Charles Helou International Airport.

Gambling is illegal in Lebanon and it’s punishable by up to three years imprisonment or fines up to $30,000 USD or equivalent.

What To Do When Travelling to These Countries?

If you’re travelling to a country where it’s illegal to gamble, don’t try to sneak into one with a gambling device. You could get arrested and have your passport confiscated if caught. If you are planning to travel to any of the following countries, it is important to be aware that gambling is illegal and there are strict penalties for anyone caught participating in this activity.

If you are caught gambling in any of these countries, you could face a prison sentence. It is therefore important to research the laws and regulations of the country you are travelling to before engaging in any gambling activities.

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If you are travelling to any of the countries listed above, we would recommend that you avoid gambling and instead spend your time exploring the local culture. The best way to do this is by talking with locals and learning about their history or taking part in activities like hiking or cycling.

There are numerous countries throughout the world where gambling is either illegal or highly regulated. Whether it’s based on religious background, strict social codes or a host of other reasons, you’ll want to be sure to avoid traveling with gambling devices if you are going to one of these locations.

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