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List of books by Cora Harrison

List of Books by Cora Harrison with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Cora Harrison. Find my selection in date order of Cora Harrison books.

Cora Harrison List of Books to Read

Drumshee Timeline Books

Nuala and Her Secret Wolf            (1997)   

The Secret of the Seven Crosses  (1997)   

The Secret of Drumshee Castle    (1998)   

The Secret of 1798           (1998)   

The Famine Secret            (1998)   

Titanic Voyage from Drumshee    (1998)   

Millennium At Drumshee               (1999)   

The Drumshee Rebels      (1999)   

Viking At Drumshee          (2000)   

Murder At Drumshee       (2000)   

World War 2 in Drumshee             (2001)   

Dark Days At Drumshee  (2003)   

Secret Spy from Drumshee            (2003)   

Wolfcub Books

That Boy Cadman             (2001)   

Wolf in the Midnight Forest          (2001)   

Wolf and the Frozen Mist              (2003)   

Chimps Books

Two Mad Dogs   (2003)   

Drumshee Chronicles Books

Murder Strikes Again       (2004)   

Treachery At Midnight     (2004)   

Doomed to Die  (2005)   

A Life for a Life  (2005)   

Burren Mysteries Books

My Lady Judge   (2007)   

Michaelmas Tribute         (2008)   

The Sting of Justice          (2009)   

Writ in Stone      (2009)   

Eye of the Law   (2010)   

Scales of Retribution       (2011)   

Deed of Murder (2011)   

Laws in Conflict (2012)   

Chain of Evidence             (2012)   

The Cross of Vengeance (2013)   

Verdict of the Court         (2014)   

Condemned to Death      (2014)   

A Fatal Inheritance           (2015)   

An Unjust Judge (2016)   

London Murder Mysteries Books

The Montgomery Murder              (2010)   

The Deadly Fire  (2010)   

Murder on Stage               (2010)   

Death of a Chimney Sweep           (2011)   

The Body in the Fog         (2012)   

Death in the Devil’s Den  (2012)   

Jane Austen Books

I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend   (2010)   

Jane Austen Stole my Boyfriend   (2011)   

Debutantes Books

Debutantes         (2012)   

In Love  (2013)   

Reverend Mother Mysteries Books

A Shameful Murder          (2015)   

A Shocking Assassination               (2016)   

Beyond Absolution           (2017)   

A Gruesome Discovery    (2017)   

Death of a Novice            (2018)   

Murder at the Queen’s Old Castle               (2019)   

High Mac Egan Mysteries

The Cardinal’s Court        (2017)   

Standalone Novels

Gorgeous            (2004)   

Picture Books

The Fed-up Vacuum Cleaner         (2002)   

General Field Mouse        (2002)   

I Want a Dog      (2002)   

The Wizard of the Woods              (2002)   

Non-Fiction Books

Timeline Yearbook           (2000)   

List of books by Cora Harrison

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Cora Harrison.

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