Considerations for a Safer Working Environment at Construction Sites

Must Know Safety Things to Consider When Working at a Construction Site

Many workers working in construction are faced with accidents and diseases. A person may fall from a height, work on an improperly constructed scaffolding, lift heavy objects, or be injured by machinery. Incorrect planning and limited time increase the risk of accidental injury.

For this reason, the working environment in this area, which has a lot of risks, should be made safe.

What Should be Done to Reduce Risks and Provide a Safe Working Environment?

  • Reduce the risk of falling

Death by falling in construction is one of the most common workplace accidents. Precautions should be taken against the risk of falling. While the work is being done, guardrails, work platforms, work scaffolding, and similar protection equipment should be used. If it is not possible to install guardrails, fall protection devices such as personal safety straps should be used.

  • Lifting heavy and working in the wrong position puts a strain on the body.

Construction work is often heavy-duty and overloads the body. For this reason, a crane system is required to transport materials and equipment to be used in construction. In addition, machinery and tools must be ergonomically designed.

Body muscles need time to recover after hard work. One-sided loading on the muscles should be avoided, provided that the working position is changed frequently.

  • There must be safe access roads within a construction site

A sufficient and safe distance must be found for vehicle roads within the work area, or a security application must be provided. Access between two different places should be ensured without the need to remove the guardrail or remove any other security application.

  • Precautions should be taken by considering possible accidents.

Serious accidents can occur when stacked building materials are moved out of place, for example, by a strong wind. For this reason, it is important to stabilize these materials by strengthening them. Sometimes a cover or tarpaulin is also required to protect the materials against wind and frost.

If there is an area with the material at risk of falling, that area should be surrounded and isolated. However, if there is a need for people to enter that area, there must be a protective roof over this area.

The precautions to be taken at construction sites are not limited to these. The main point of prevention of accidents is to determine beforehand what may be dangerous and to take safety measures accordingly.

Examples of High-Risk Construction Work, According to Safe Work Australia

It is not limited to those listed here. However, the following examples of high-risk construction works can be given.

  • working at a height of more than 2 meters,
  • work that requires the use of explosives (for example, blasting the rock encountered during the construction of the foundation of the building),
  • working near compressed gas distribution pipes,
  • working near chemicals or fuel lines,
  • working in an area with flammables,
  • working in areas with a risk of drowning (for example, building a bridge over a river).

Taking security measures only reduces the risk, it does not eliminate it completely. For this reason, the person may fall, stumble, be injured or even die for other reasons while working. Keeping this in mind, precautions should be taken to prevent risks and work should be done carefully.

If you are injured in such an accident, you can claim compensation for your situation. The compensation you will claim depends on your situation and the details of the accident you experienced. It is likely that everyone (builder, contractor, worker…) who works at the construction site and has an accident, is entitled to compensation.

The process for claiming compensation may vary depending on where the accident occurred. For example, in NSW, Australia, an accident must have been reported and a medical record must have been recorded to receive compensation. If you want to know about this and the procedures that follow, you can contact the compensation lawyers in Sydney.

So, is it possible to claim a superannuation and TPD in addition to compensation in Australia?

If you were ill or injured while working in the construction industry and are therefore unable to work permanently, you may have a chance to claim TPD in addition to workers’ compensation.

You can contact TPD lawyers for guidance on this matter.

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