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Connie Mason, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Connie Mason quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Connie Mason’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Connie Mason made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

Popular Quotes

“and skidded to a halt before him. “The prisoners are gone, Lionheart!”
― Connie Mason, Lionheart

 “And what’s a healer’s touch like?” she asked, working quickly to push the needle through and tie off another knot, closing his wound with each stitch.
“Light as a feather. Like this.”
He moved his hand from her arm to her breast. His fingertips brushed the bared skin above her bodice in teasing strokes. She held herself still, beguiled by the sensation. She’d never have guessed her body would react so to a man. She should be afraid, she knew, but her only fear was that he’d stop.
His touch moved down, between the stiff boning of her bodice and the soft, thin chemise, circling her nipple slowly through the cloth of her undergarment.
Oh, how he made her ache. He tormented that needy skin with his nearness. She fought the urge to squirm into his touch. When he finally flicked a nail over it, a jolt of wickedness shot from her breast to her womb.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

“Elspeth reached up a tentative hand to comfort him, palming the cheek that wasn’t covered with woad.
He wrapped an arm around her waist and tugged her closer. Her lips parted. His tongue swept in. Her belly clenched, and a warm glow settled between her legs.
He left her lips and began kissing her chin, her cheeks, her neck. “Ach! Ye’re sweet, lass.”
Pity dissipated like morning mist. Instead, little wisps of pleasure followed his mouth’s path. The stubble of his beard grazed the tops of her breasts, and her nipples tightened almost painfully. She sucked her breath over her teeth to keep from crying out in pleasure and surprise when his palm covered her breast, the pressure sweet even through the stiff boning of her pink silk bodice.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

 “His mouth descended upon hers and swallowed up her cry.
She’d been kissed sweetly before, stylized expressions of courtship during some of the dances favored by Queen Mary’s court.
This kiss bore no resemblance to those. This was a ravishment, a demanding plunder of her mouth.
He stole her breath, but she was so surprised by the sudden invasion, she didn’t think to pull away. She froze like a coney confronted by a fox.
He filled her with breath from his own body, warming her to her toes.
I should be revolted. I should be screaming to get away.’
But then his mouth went suddenly soft and beguiling on hers. Elspeth had never imagined the like.
How strange, this shared breath, this mingling of souls.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

 “This will hurt ye more than it does me,” she said as she pulled the thread through his skin.
“Nay, lass, you’re but tickling me,” he said, his eyes never leaving hers. His thumb rubbed back and forth over her forearm.
“What are ye doing?” she demanded.
“Hmm?” He blinked, all innocence.
She looked pointedly down at his hand. His thumb stopped.
“I was just distracting myself a bit from the pain,” he said. “Ye’re fair soft.”
“Ye’re accustomed to scratchy wool. That’s just the silk ye feel.”
“No, I can imagine ye beneath your clothes,” he said. “I’m thinking your skin puts silk to shame.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

 “I promise ye, lass, I’ll keep ye safe. No one will harm ye.” He grasped at anything he could think of to dry up her tears. “I offer ye the protection of my body and my sword arm for as long as we bide together. And any time ye might have need of them after.”
Her whole frame shuddered with a silent sob.
“Please, lass.” He stroked her from the crown of her head to the base of her spine. She shivered under his touch, so he didn’t do it again. “Elspeth, sweetheart, ye dinna have to cry so.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

“When she first realized he was there watching her, she couldn’t believe it was happening. There she was, bare as an egg, and his intense gaze made her lose the will to move.
His stare had lingered at her breasts. She’d had to bite the inside of her cheeks to keep from covering her nipples with her hands to still the ache. And when his gaze traveled down her body, little flames seemed to lick her skin. When he smiled at her private parts, she caught fire completely.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

 “He turned around to look at the house. Elspeth was behind one of the vellum-covered windows. Did she wonder where he was? If it had been high summer and the windows left uncovered to let in a breeze, would she have peeked out at him as he stood on the shoal, naked as God made him?
He soaped up his groin. Just the thought that Elspeth might spy on him at his bath made part of him happier than it ought to be, considering the temperature.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

“Oh, Rob, ye’re alive!” Elspeth put both arms around his neck and hugged him close. “I was afeard ye were gone, but ye’re alive!”
“Aye, lass,” he said with a sinful grin. “Completely alive.”
She was suddenly aware of the hardness of his groin against her belly and pulled back away from him.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

“She looked up at him, her eyes enormous. He noticed they were hazel, the sort that picked up whatever hue was near. Now they were the same shade of green as the moss ringing the cavern.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

10 Famous Quotes by Author Connie Mason

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One Final Bonus – Connie Mason Quote 

“Lust was no surprise. Present a man who’d not known a woman in a while with the sight of a naked one, and there was no power on earth that could restrain his cock from rising.
But the tenderness in his chest nearly knocked him down. He longed to hold her, to whisper endearments, to kiss away her fears and offer her the protection of his body as well as its need.
“Elspeth,” he said reverently, as if her name were a prayer.
That broke the spell. She covered herself, one arm across her breasts, the other hand protectively splayed between her legs.
He continued to look at her, drinking in her exposed skin, all rosy and fresh. It would be like silk under his touch. His hands would know every inch of her.
She snatched up the remains of the velvet skirt and held it before her, but her neat calves and ankles were still bare to his gaze.
“How long have you been there?” she demanded.
“Long enough.”
― Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

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