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Travelling to the Philippines and Need Some Help?

The Philippines is rapidly becoming the go-to travel destination for international travellers. The people are great, the food superb, and the dollar goes very far. However, from time to time, travellers may need some additional support to get the most from their journey, no matter if they want to explore beyond the conventional locations.

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More and more Australians are coming to Manila and other locations across the Philippines however, they may not need to know where to go when needing a little extra help. This is where Unwrapped tours come into play, we have a team of reliable freelancers across the nation that can help you out in a pinch.

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Making the Most Out of Your Stay in the Philippines

With travel post, Covid-19 set to boom again, yet the price of air tickets at an all-time high, cheaper destinations like the Philippines are to obviously go. No matter what you need, we have a solution for you, and with a simple email, we can start planning exactly what you need and how we can make that happen.

  1. Do you have some business to attend to and need a driver? We got you!
  2. Do you want to hit a few of the bars around town and need some backup? We got you!
  3. Looking for some local-only off-beat areas for Instagram? Then we really got you!
  4. Any other needs, just ask we have you covered to make your stay in the Philippines a memorable one.

10 Reasons Australians should Visit the Philippines

Here are ten reasons not that you need them to visit the Philippines.

The Philippines is Eco-Friendly

  1. Deserted beaches are almost guaranteed
  2. Cheap night out, cheap booze, and good memories.
  3. Beautiful people live in the Philippines.
  4. No damage has been done to it as a result of tourism
  5. Street food like no other
  6. Karaoke for champions
  7. Hilot Massage
  8. Metro Manila and Makati at sunset
  9. Jeepneys in all their colourful glory

Book Your Trip Today, Then Contact Us to Make it a Night to Remember.

Once you have your flights booked, be sure to contact us here with your specific needs, and we will make it happen. Also, if you find yourself in a pickle and without a friend, we have fixers that, if needed, can offer support, such as if you missed your transport or need help with translation, both telephone and face-to-face.

Contact us today on the above contact us form, and let’s make your day the best it can be.

Annika Lawrence #AD
Annika Lawrence #AD
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