Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2022-2023

How to Use Quora Effectively in 2022 – 2023 Beginners Guide to Quora

Quora is a leading platform which consists of user-generated questions and answers. The entire forum of Quora comprises of questions and answers which are posted and organized by Quora users.

Quora is not just a questioning answering site. It is way more than that. You can start your blogs, promote your business, and earn money through simple way using Quora.

Did you know Quora is even better than Google in specific ways? Very often, you will find yourself in a situation where Google is unable to comprehend your question the right way. And why would it? After all, it’s not a human! Here is when Quora jumps in and wins the race. On Quora, all of your questions are answered by experts, and none of your confusions are left behind.

Things You Can Do On Quora

Things you can do on Quora

Why Should You Use Quora?

Quora is the fastest growing network which contains the answer to almost every question you have in your mind. Although there are tons of question-answering sites, but Quora is different in many ways:

  1. It contains high-quality content.
  2. It offers the option of voting on answers.
  3. You can follow the topics of your interest in Quora to get the related content in your feed.
Why should you use Quora?

How to Sign-Up and Get Started

Before you start posting the questions which are stuck in your mind or answer the questions posted by other users, you need to create a crystal-clear profile. Creating a profile is easy and straightforward. The following set of figures will give you a step-by-step process of how to create a compelling profile on Quora and start participating!

Step 1:

Go to the address bar and type in the address bar.

How to sign-up and get started

Step 2:

Here you will click on the option of signing up as demonstrated in the following picture.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

This option will take you to step 3.

Step 3:

This screen requires you to enter your credentials. You can use any abstract name; however; it is recommended that you use your original first and last name. Provide your email address, choose a secure password, and you are good to go.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Click Sign Up, and you are done with the signing up process. But that’s not all because the real work lies in adding the relevant information and optimizing your profile the right way.

Click Sign Up

Step 1:

The first step is to choose your interests. People need to know what are you interested in. Moreover, Quora will fetch the questions and answers for you according to your interests. Choose your interests and click on Done to save them successfully.

 Quora will fetch the questions


Step 2 is about letting people know about you in the Bio section of your profile. Quora provides a considerable space to add your bi, which means that you can add as much as you can in this section.

Don’t forget to add a great bio to create a reputable profile.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

After typing in your bio, click on update to publish it and make it visible to the public.

Similarly, add credential to your profile. Your credential is the showcase of what you are, and it also adds credibility to the content you post.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Next, add a meaningful profile photo which says something about your account. It is always good to use your picture as a profile photo as you need to interact with real people on Quora. However, it is not mandatory, especially in the case where you have a business account.

You can also link your social accounts with your Quora account, which is another benefit of making your account stronger and reputable.

Quora also provides you with an option of adding your employment and education details in your profile. Remember! The more information you add, the better your account will get.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

You can find the option of adding more information to your account at the top right corner of the editing window. Add these details and click on save.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Similarly, add your location.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

That’s all with building up a fantastic and complete profile. You are now just a step away from sharing and exploring amazing content on Quora.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

You can link our social accounts with Quora as well. Curious about how to do it? Look at the following example.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Click on any of the social engines you want to connect with your Quora account. In this case, we have Twitter, so let’s attach it with our account.

We have done connecting Twitter with Quora as you can see below.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

That’s all about optimizing your profile! Now let’s move on and do some exciting things with our Quora profile.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

How to Compose An Excellent Question

Technically, it isn’t a difficult job to compose a question. You need to type it in the text box, click on “Add question” ad BOOM! But is it all? No, not at all!

You not only need to compose a question, but you need to produce a HIGH-QUALITY and GOOD question. Remember:

“Only a good quality question yields good quality answers.”

Let’s see how can you compose a question that falls in the good-quality range.

  1. A grammatically incorrect question throws a wrong impression of you as a user as well as creates a bad reputation of your account. You don’t want that. Period!
  2. Keep in mind that it’s not Facebook or Instagram or Twitter where you can throw slangs. This is Quora, and Quora wants you to stay decent. It offers you credibility as well. So, make sure that your question is to the point, free from slangs so that everyone out there on Quora can understand it.
  3. Your question must not contain vague information. It should be clear with precise details. Only then you can expect an accurate answer.
  4. There is no word limit on Quora because it wants you to stuff your question with as many facts and figures as you wish. You can type in lengthy questions to get well-explained answers.
  5. Don’t ask questions which includes the word “You.” Your question must begin with “Why,” “what,” “Which,” and “How.”

Let’s compose a question and see how it works.

Step 1:

Navigate to your Home screen. Look at the following figure where you can see two options of adding a question to your profile.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Step 2:

Compose a question now keeping in mind the guidelines given above. Type your question in the text box provided and click on Add Question.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

You can see in the above figure that Quora provides you a range of options after you type in your question. These options are to reduce spamming and to avoid repetition of any question. So, if you find any question resembling your question in these options, you can find it answers over there. Avoid posting the same question again and again.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Choose the appropriate option which best describes your question as shown in the above figure. Click Next.

The next button takes you to a window where you can select various writers which you think are best suitable to answer your questions.

Send them a request by clicking on the “plus” sign right in front of the usernames as shown in the following figure.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Click on Done. Congratulations! Your question is posted! You must now wait for the answers which won’t take much time.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Now that you are done with composing an excellent question, let’s move a step forward. To prove yourself a loyal member of the Quora community, you need to participate and play your part by clearly answering the questions.

Let us show you how!

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

How to Answer The Right Way

Let’s contribute to Quora by participating in discussions and answering the questions the right way!

Quora is the only platform which consists of high-quality questions and answers only. Moreover, it provides a bunch of options to the user through which they can rate response as “good” or “bad.” Therefore, being a responsible member of the Quora community, you must post precise and honest replies. Moreover, being a part of Quora means you are not only representing it, but you are also representing yourself and your company (provided you have entered the correct information in the bio section). Furthermore, if you are an expert in any field, you must answer that particular question.

Let’s see the benchmarks of a good-quality answer.

  1. Quora doesn’t believe in “Quantity isn’t quality.” It believes in “Quantity with quality.” It means that Quora wants you to write lengthy answers as they are more engaging. Moreover, longer answers can also grab the attention of the users because they contain more facts and figures. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stuff your answer with unnecessary details to make them longer. It should have to the point, updated, and relevant information.
  2. A good-quality answer isn’t alone. It comes with external sources such as links which makes them stronger and credible.
  3. You can also copy the answer from a trust-worthy source if you think it directly targets the question. However, in such case, it is crucial that you provide references or links to avoid copyright violation.
Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Users have the authority to upvote or downvote your answer based on its quality.

Let us now move forward and try answering a question. The following steps and figures will further make things more apparent to you.

Step 1:

On the Homepage, you will find many questions. Pick a question of your choice you want to answer.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Step 2:

Click on the Answer option just below the question. A text box will be opened on the screen where you can type your answer. Compose your response and click on the Submit button to post it.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

That’s how simple it is to answer a question on Quora.

Look at the following tips and tricks we have for you, which can make your answers even better.

Some Tips For Writing Splendid Answers

Some Tips For Writing Splendid Answers

  1. Observe and Learn

Life is all about learning, and so is Quora. To get yourself familiar with good quality answers and how to answer the right way, it is always good to learn from the excellent responses on Quora.

Try searching: “Top answers on Quora” and you will get the list. Check how those answers are formulated and which elements are prominent in them.

  • Be mMticulous

Can you imagine an answer that lacks details? By details, we mean everything from images, videos, link, facts, infographics, and lots of pertinent information. Writing detailed answering is the key to Quora.

Your answers must be full of tips and helpful content to help your readers and help you get more upvotes.

Check out the following link, which is the best example of one of the best-answered questions on Quora.

  • Know the concept of audio, video, and brain?

Do you know what’s better than plain text? An image!

And, do you what’s even better than both of them? Videos!

Your brain processes things faster when the eyes see it. Visuals are essential to your mind to understand something better.

That is why Quora provides you with an option of adding images and videos with your answers to give users a better experience. Moreover, a good explanation with high-quality images and infographics will also give you chances of upvotes.

Look at the following example of text with image.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020
  • Try to establish a connection

Don’t neglect the use of pronouns while answering a question. While pronouns aren’t encouraged while asking questions, they play a vital part in solving them. Using the pronouns like “me,” “I,” “you” are excellent ways to establish a connection with the readers and attract them towards your answer.

  • External links are essential
    Planning to add the link to your blog or site? DON’T do that! Although it is recommended that you add an external link with the detailed answers, but you should only add a link to authority and credible websites.
    Since Quora offers you an option of adding multiple links, so you can add your link at the end. Adding only your links to the questions will only give an impact on marketing and advertising your website. You don’t want to portray yourself as a promotional account.
  • Formatting is the key

If you are a blogger or you even love following blogs, you know the importance of readability.
A text written in an understandable form, continuous passages, and long sentences is not only less readable, but it isn’t appealing as well. Same is the case with the questions and answers you post on Quora. If your answer is too long without any breaks, passages, or bullets, then the readers won’t come anywhere near it. You might even get downvotes if it looks too annoying.
Therefore, format as much as you can by using:
• Bullets and numbers
• Bold and Italics
• Using images
• Adding more passages
• Using quotes
By utilizing these formatting tips, your answers will look appealing and exciting. Moreover, it will be easier to read, which should be your motive.

  • Sharing is caring

The concept of sharing is caring is not only true in real life but also your cyber life. As mentioned at the beginning of the guide that you can connect your social media accounts with your Quora account, so you can share your questions and answers on your social media accounts as well.
Sharing them on social media doesn’t only increase the exposure of your content to a more significant number of people, but it will also increase the chances of getting better answers and more upvotes.
To share your answer on social media, click the icon at the bottom of the answer, as shown in the following figure.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020
Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

So, that’s all about answering a question on Quora. Now that you have learned it let’s take things to the next level and see how can you promote your business or brand using Quora.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

How to Shape Your Business Using Quora

Let’s get out of the petty things and so something massive- promote your brand using Quora! How can you do it? There are tons of ways, but let’s begin with a few statistics first.

  • Quora is perhaps the biggest marketplace on the internet. With more than 800,000 visitors per months, it the best place where you can target your customers and attract consumers.
  • You get tons of ways to advertise your brand your business over here.
  • You can learn about what’s trending in the industry to shape your business according to the needs of the people.
  • There is A LOT of learning on Quora!
  • It is the best platform to promote your blog and gather more traffic around it.
  • It is an excellent tool for the website that depends upon traffic for revenue generation, such as affiliate websites and Ad publishers.
  • If you are the owner of a website or business that sells products, then you need Quora to grow it.
  • You are a blogger. Period.

Let’s see what the way through which you can promote your business are, brand, blog, and whatnot, on Quora.

Creating Your Topic:

The first step towards building your business page on Quora is to start by creating a topic. So, let’s create a topic.

Click on the Add Question button just like you did when you created your first question. Type in your inquiry.

Now type the name of your business or brand in the search box.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

If you can see the name of your brand or business, you can choose it. Otherwise, click on the Create Topic button to create your personalized topic and click Confirm.

You are done with creating your topic on Quora. Next, you need to make it visible to people inside and outside Quora.

  • To advertise and make people notice your topic, share it with your social media links.
  • Let people know that they can now ask questions using your topic.
  • If you already have any subscribers, email them your topic.
  • Add your Quora topic in your Quora profile in the contact section.
  • Try to answer every question about your topic to keep your followers engaged.

While using your Quora account for marketing and business purpose, make the best use of other Quora features like notifications and inbox.

You can find notification at the top mid of your screen as shown below.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

The significant notifications such as a user responding to your question or asking a question about your topic appears in the notifications panel. You must regularly check it to react quickly to your followers.

Similarly, you can find the Messages option at the top right of your screen. Your customers can send you a direct message in your inbox, and you can engage in a personal conversation over there. So, make sure you regularly check your inbox as well.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Some Quick Hacks To Grow Your Business on Quora

  • Target the threads and conversations with the highest number of upvotes. More upvotes mean more viewers, which in turn means lots of traffic.
  • Participate in such threads and answer the right way.
  • Here is your chance of throwing the link to your site. However, keep in mind Chapter 3, where we discussed how to drop external links the right way.
  • Try to gather a maximum number of upvotes to make your answer reach to the top of the thread.
  • The higher your answer is on the thread; the better are the chances that a maximum number of users will see it.
  • A thought-provoking answer can impress the users, and they can click the link to your website right away.

Although The Above Process is Hard, But It Isn’t Impossible. Keep Following This Guide.

Buying some upvotes aren’t going to harm you!
As long as you are doing things the right way, it is absolutely “OKAY” to buy some of those upvotes and give some value to your business.

The process is simple:

  • Search for a vendor who is good at selling upvotes at a reasonable price.
  • Send them your answer thread and tell them your username.
  • Wait for the upvotes to hit your answer.

Some of the best sources from where you can buy Quora upvotes are:

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Ways of Earning Money on Quora

Other than promoting your blog and business, there are different ways of earning money on Quora as well. You can even make money by answering questions. It is a great digital marketing tool, as well as a great platform to earn money online.

There are tons of ways through which you can make money using Quora. Some of the most common and easiest ones are given below.

Enjoy learning these hacks and get started with Quora today.

  1. Monetize and Earn

Monetizing the links and then sharing them is a great way to earn through Quora. The best way to do this is by using a URL shortener. You can monetize your links using URL shorteners. When your URL reaches 1000 clicks, you will be paid accordingly.

The amount by which you get paid relies on the location where the link will be clicked and opened. Once the threshold of your revenues is reached to a specific limit, you can withdraw your funds. You can also take help from various services in this regard. The most common is “” 

  • Answer and Earn

You will be thrilled to know that Quora pays you if you have the skills of composing excellent answers.

There are many companies out there which pay you according to the ranking and quality of your answers. This service is often offered by startups where they rank the answers according to the number of upvotes and then pay you.

This method is also another way using which Quora can improve the quality of its content.

  • Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing program is a grand business strategy where you get paid if you sell a certain number of products for any company. The best place where you can use this marketing strategy is Quora. With trillions of users, you can make an immense profit on this platform.

You need to learn a few affiliate marketing skills if you successfully want to start earning through this program.

  • Start Your Blog

Did you know you can start your blog on Quora for free? Using Quora blogs, you can establish your own space where you can create the content of your choice and showcase yourself to millions of users out there.

Creating a blog on Quora also means that you can begin your own little business from Quora and attract millions of users.

Final Thoughts

Hurray! Your question is answered

Scroll up and check out the question we created. The wait time s over, and now we have answers! To check your answers, you need to check the Notifications panel.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Click on the notification which contains the necessary information about your question.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

You can see a whole LOT of responses to the question we just asked above. Read them on and upvote if you like them.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

We just upvoted an answer as you can see in the figure above.

Modifying your questions and answers You can also adjust (edit and delete) your questions as well as answers on Quora. Each question you post on Quora is “community-owned” which means that any Quora user can modify any question including you. Therefore, if you see any question which is violating the community guidelines or contains a wrong spelling, fact, or figure, then you fix it by clicking on the edit option

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

In the above figure, you can see that Quora provides you with the option of editing and reporting a question. If you find any question inappropriate, then you can send a signal to the admins by clicking on the Report option. This option also asks you for evidence or a reason for flagging that particular post.

Whenever you attempt to edit a question, a notification is sent to the creator of that question who can choose to accept or reject the edit. Thus, you must also be mentally prepared to receive edit requests from other users of the Quora community.

Moreover, you must also be prepared for receiving downvotes as Quora is a free place and its users are free to upvote, downvote and suggest anything they want to. However, unlike the edit suggestions, you do not have any control over downvotes and upvotes. You have to accept them as they are. Upvoting and Downvoting are of the most crucial tools in maintaining the quality of Quora. Thus, as loyal members of this community, we must accept it with open arms.

Can’t Find The Questions You Posted?

One of the significant confusions many Quora users face is that they are unable to find the questions they posted.

Since Quora consists of millions of users who keep on posting new stuff every minute, that is why you will find your feed filled with new content every passing minute. Consequently, you will find yourself unable to search for the content you posted. However, Quora provides you with an option where you can see all of your current and previous posts.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Navigate to the top right of your screen inside the Quora “Homepage” window and click on Your content. You will find the content you posted from the time you created to account to till date.

Quora’s Extras And Essentials

Quora comes with tons of perks. Other than the plenty of benefits you just learned through this guide, one of the fantastic features Quora offers us is the “Ads campaign.” If you are an advertiser, then you have the chance to create specific types of ads for growing your business and getting more traffic.

Let’s walk through the process of creating Quora ads and generating revenues from it.

Step 1- – Create a Campaign

The first step after logging in is to create an Ads campaign. To do that, navigate to the top right corner of the “Home” page where you can see your display picture. From the drop-down menu, choose to Create Ad.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Upon clicking this option, Quora will take you to a new window where you can see your details.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Click on Continue to move forward.

The next screen requires you to enter the credentials about your business.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Create your account, and you are halfway through the real advertising!

The next page allows you to create your first ad. Look at the following set of figures to get a clear view of how to create a campaign.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Step 2 – – Determine the Ad Objective, Schedule, and Budget

The next step is about your ad objective, its budget, and your ad schedule.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

On this screen, you need to determine three crucial things.


Traffic is about the number of users hitting a specific web page. You need a larger volume of people on your website so you must choose this option.

App Installs:

As the name suggests, App Installs is all about pushing more and more traffic towards your mobile application. You need a larger volume of traffic to download your mobile application. That is why you must select this option.


Conversion is about a particular action to be done with your website, such as downloading, registering, etc.


Budget is about the overall statistics about how much you can spend on your company. Quora offers you three options for budget: Daily, lifetime, and schedule.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Next is to select your targeted audience.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Select the targeted devices for your website.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

Similarly, select the campaign bidding and complete the process of creating your ad.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

And you are done with creating your Quora ad campaign.

Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

The last step is to add a payment method and complete your ad campaign


Complete Beginners Guide to Quora 2019-2020

There are a few essential parameters you need to consider to create your campaign, as shown in the above figures. Let us explain each term and every bit of information we have entered above.

Ad name: Your Ad is entirely for you. It won’t be displayed anywhere. However, choose it in such a way that it doesn’t create confusion for you if you are planning to develop many ad campaigns.

Business name: You will enter your business or website name here.

Headline: Here, you will enter a catchy statement which best describes your ad campaign. You need to choose it wisely since Quora only provides you a space of 65 characters over here. Look at the headline we just created in the figures above.

Body: Here, you will type a descriptive text about your ad campaign. You get a space of typing 105 characters over here. So, you can type pretty much explicit content over here.

Landing page URL: This is the website on which you want to send traffic. It is not visible to Quora users.

Display URL: This URL will be visible to Quora users.

Keep on Optimizing Your Quora Campaign

To get the maximum benefits out of your Quora ad campaign, you must keep on maintaining and optimizing it. You must not forget it after creating it. Keep looking for different ways to make it better. Moreover, you can also try creating a campaign and see which one works better. You can also see the progress of your ad campaign in the “campaign dashboard.”

Share and Keep Moving Forward

That’s all from our side! The last advice for you is to continue participating in Quora, try experimenting various feature, and get as much benefit from it as you can.

Share this guide with your friends and help them benefit from this fantastic platform.

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