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List of books by Colleen Gleason

List of Books by Colleen Gleason with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Colleen Gleason. Find my selection in date order of Colleen Gleason books.

Colleen Gleason List of Books to Read

Envy Chronicles Books

Beyond the Night       (2000) 

Embrace the Night Eternal    (2010) 

Abandon the Night    (2010) 

Night Betrayed           (2011) 

Night Forbidden         (2012) 

Night Resurrected      (2013) 

Envy Chronicles Short Stories/Novellas

Tempted by the Night           (2015) 

Medieval Herb Garden Books

Lavender Vows           (2011) 

Sanctuary of Roses     (2011) 

A Whisper of Rosemary         (2011) 

A Lily on the Heath    (2013) 

Gardella Vampire Chronicles Books

The Rest Falls Away   (2007) 

Rises the Night           (2007) 

The Bleeding Dusk     (2008) 

When Twilight Burns (2008) 

As Shadows Fade       (2009) 

Raging Dawn   (2015) 

Roaring Shadows       (2015) 

Raging Winter (2015) 

Roaring Dawn (2016) 

Gardella Vampire Chronicles Short Stories/Novellas

Max Stops the Presses           (2013) 

Regency Dracula Books

The Vampire Voss      (2011) 

The Vampire Dimitri  (2011) 

The Vampire Narcise  (2011) 

Vampire of the Carribean      (2018) 

Modern Gothic Mystery Books

The Shop of Shades and Secrets       (2011) 

The Cards of Life and Death  (2011) 

The Gems of Vice and Greed (2016) 

Stoker & Holmes Books

The Clockwork Scarab            (2013) 

The Spiritglass Charade         (2014) 

The Chess Queen Enigma      (2015) 

The Carnelian Crow   (2017) 

The Zeppelin Deception        (2019) 

Macey Gardella Books

Roaring Midnight       (2013) 

Roaring Shadows       (2015) 

Roaring Dawn (2016) 

Heroes of New Vegas Books

Beyond the Night       (2016) 

Embrace the Night     (2016) 

Abandon the Night    (2016) 

Night Beckons (2017) 

Night Forbidden         (2017) 

Night Resurrected      (2018) 

Wicks Hollow Books

Sinister Summer         (2018) 

Sinister Secrets           (2018) 

Sinister Shadows        (2018) 

Sinister Sanctuary      (2018) 

List of books by Colleen Gleason

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Colleen Gleason.

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