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List of books by Colin Forbes

List of Books by Colin Forbes with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Colin Forbes. Find my selection in date order of Colin Forbes books.

Colin Forbes List of Books to Read

Snow Books

Snow on High Ground           (1966) 

Snow in Paradise        (1967) 

Snow Along the Border         (1968) 

David Martini Books

Wreath for America   (1967) 

Night of the Hawk      (1968) 

Bombshell      (1969) 

Tweed & Co. Books

Double Jeopardy        (1982) 

Terminal         (1984) 

Cover Story     (1985) 

The Janus Man           (1987) 

Deadlock         (1988) 

The Greek Key            (1989) 

Shockwave      (1990) 

Whirlpool       (1991) 

By Stealth       (1992) 

Cross of Fire   (1992) 

The Power      (1993) 

The Fury          (1995) 

The Cauldron (1996) 

Precipice         (1996) 

The Sisterhood           (1997) 

This United State       (1998) 

Sinister Tide   (1999) 

Rhinoceros     (2000) 

The Vorpal Blade       (2001) 

The Cell           (2002) 

No Mercy        (2003) 

Blood Storm   (2004) 

The Main Chance       (2005) 

The Savage Gorge      (2006) 

Standalone Novels

Tramp in Armour       (1969) 

The Burning Fuse       (1970) 

The Heights of Zervos            (1970) 

The Palermo Ambush            (1972) 

Target 5          (1973) 

Year of the Golden Ape         (1974) 

The Stone Leopard     (1975) 

Avalanche Express     (1977) 

The Stockholm Syndicate      (1981) 

The Leader and the Damned (1983) 

List of books by Colin Forbes

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Colin Forbes.


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