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List of books by Claudia Mills

List of Books by Claudia Mills with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Claudia Mills. Find my selection in date order of Claudia Mills books.

Claudia Mills List of Books to Read

Dinah Books

Dynamite Dinah         (1990) 

Dinah For President   (1992) 

Dinah in Love (1993) 

Dinah Forever (1995) 

West Creek Middle School Books

Losers, Inc       (1997) 

You’re a Brave Man, Julius Zimmerman       (1999) 

Lizzie At Last   (2000) 

Alex Ryan, Stop That!            (2003) 

Makeovers By Marcia (2005) 

Gus and Grandpa Books

Gus and Grandpa       (1997) 

Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies         (1997) 

Gus and Grandpa Ride the Train      (1998) 

Gus and Grandpa At the Hospital    (1998) 

Gus and Grandpa and the Two-wheeled Bike         (1999) 

Gus and Grandpa and the Show-and-tell    (2000) 

Gus and Grandpa At Basketball        (2001) 

Gus and Grandpa and the Halloween Costume      (2002) 

Gus and Grandpa Go Fishing            (2003) 

Gus and Grandpa and the Piano Lesson      (2004) 

Mason Dixon Books

Pet Disasters   (2011) 

Fourth-Grade Disasters         (2011) 

Basketball Disasters   (2012) 

Franklin School Friends Books

Kelsey Green, Reading Queen           (2013) 

Annika Riz, Math Whiz          (2014) 

Izzy Barr, Running Star           (2015) 

Simon Ellis, Spelling Bee Champ       (2015) 

Cody Harmon, King of Pets    (2016) 

Nora Notebooks Books

The Trouble With Ants          (2015) 

The Trouble with Babies       (2016) 

The Trouble with Friends      (2017) 

Standalone Novels

Luisa’s American Dream        (1981) 

At the Back of the Woods     (1982) 

The Secret Carousel   (1983) 

All the Living   (1983) 

What About Annie     (1985) 

Boardwalk with Hotel            (1985) 

The One and Only Cynthia Jane Thornton   (1986) 

Melanie Magpie         (1987) 

Cally’s Enterprise       (1988) 

After Fifth Grade, the World!           (1989) 

Hannah On Her Way  (1991) 

A Visit to Amy-claire  (1992) 

The Secret Life of Bethany Barrett    (1994) 

Standing Up to Mr. O (1998) 

7 X 9 = Trouble!          (2002) 

Perfectly Chelsea        (2004) 

Alex Ryab, Stop That!            (2005) 

Trading Places            (2006) 

Being Teddy Roosevelt          (2007) 

The Totally Made-up Civil War Diary of Amanda Macleish (2008) 

How Oliver Olson Changed the World         (2009) 

One Square Inch         (2010) 

Fractions = Trouble!  (2011) 

Zero Tolerance           (2013) 

Write This Down        (2016) 

Picture Books Books

Phoebe’s Parade        (1994) 

One Small Lost Sheep            (1997) 

Ziggy’s Blue-ribbon Day         (2005) 

List of books by Claudia Mills

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Claudia Mills.

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