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List of books by Claire Delacroix

List of Books by Claire Delacroix with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Claire Delacroix. Find my selection in date order of Claire Delacroix books.

Claire Delacroix List of Books to Read

Rose Books

Romance of the Rose (1993) 

The Sorceress (1994) 

Roarke’s Folly (1994) 

Moorish Books

Honeyed Lies  (1994) 

The Magician’s Quest (1995) 

Unicorn Books

Unicorn Bride (1994) 

Pearl Beyond Price     (1995) 

Unicorn Vengeance    (1995) 

Sayerne Books

My Lady’s Champion  (1996) 

Enchanted      (1997) 

My Lady’s Desire        (1998) 

Bride Quest Books

The Princess   (1998) 

The Damsel     (1999) 

The Heiress     (1999) 

Bride Quest II Books

The Countess (2000) 

The Beauty     (2001) 

The Temptress           (2001) 

Rogues of Ravensmuir Books

The Rogue      (2002) 

The Scoundrel            (2003) 

The Warrior    (2004) 

Jewels of Kinfairlie Books

The Beauty Bride       (2005) 

The Rose Red Bride    (2005) 

The Snow White Bride           (2005) 

The Ballad of Rosamunde     (2010) 

Prometheus Project / Eyes of the Republic Books

Fallen  (2008) 

Guardian        (2009) 

Rebel   (2010) 

Abyss  (2014) 

Time Travel Books

Love Potion    (2012) 

The Moonstone         (2012) 

The Last Highlander   (2012) 

Once Upon A Kiss       (2012) 

True Love Brides Books

The Renegade’s Heart            (2012) 

The Highlander’s Curse          (2013) 

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss         (2014) 

The Warrior’s Prize    (2014) 

Champions of Saint Euphemia Books

The Crusader’s Bride  (2015) 

The Crusader’s Heart (2015) 

The Crusader’s Kiss    (2016) 

The Crusader’s Vow   (2017) 

The Crusader’s Handfast       (2016) 

Brides of North Barrows Books

Something Wicked This Way Comes (2017) 

A Duke By Any Other Name  (2018) 

Rogues & Angels Books

One Knight Enchanted           (2018) 

Brides of Inverfyre Books

The Mercenary’s Bride           (2018) 

The Runaway Bride    (2018) 

Crusader’s Handfast Books

The Crusader’s Handfast: Part One   (2015) 

The Crusader’s Handfast: Part Two  (2016) 


To Weave a Web of Magic    (2004) 

The Queen in Winter (2006) 

Beguiled          (2014) 

Border Brotherhood  (2014) 

Highland Heroes        (2014) 

Echoes of Destiny       (2016) 

Introducing Red Door Reads (2016) 

List of books by Claire Delacroix

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Claire Delacroix.


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