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List of books by Cindy Dees

List of Books by Cindy Dees with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Cindy Dees. Find my selection in date order of Cindy Dees books.

Cindy Dees List of Books to Read

Charlie Squad Books

Behind Enemy Lines   (2002) 

Line of Fire      (2003) 

A Gentleman and a Soldier   (2004) 

Her Secret Agent Man           (2005) 

Her Enemy Protector (2005) 

Medusa Project Books

The Medusa Project   (2005) 

Medusa Rising            (2005) 

The Medusa Game     (2006) 

The Medusa Prophecy           (2007) 

The Medusa Affair     (2007) 

The Medusa Seduction          (2007) 

The Medusa Proposition       (2010) 

Medusa’s Sheik          (2010) 

Hot Watch Books

The Dark Side of Night           (2008) 

Night Rescuer (2009) 

Medusa’s Master       (2009) 

The Longest Night      (2010) 

Soldier’s Night Mission          (2011) 

Soldier’s Last Stand    (2011) 

Soldier’s Rescue Mission       (2011) 

Her Hero After Dark   (2012) 

Code X Books

Deadly Sight   (2012) 

Flash of Death            (2012) 

Breathless Encounter (2013) 

Prescott Bachelors Books

High-Stakes Bodyguard          (2014) 

High-Stakes Bachelor (2014) 

High-Stakes Playboy   (2014) 

Code: Warrior SEALS Books

Undercover with a SEAL        (2015) 

Her Secret Spy            (2016) 

Her Mission with a SEAL        (2018) 

Navy SEAL Cop           (2018) 

Sleeping King Books

The Sleeping King       (2015) 

The Dreaming Hunt   (2016) 

The Wandering War  (2017) 

Blackjacks Books

Hot Soldier’s Chase    (2017) 

Hot Soldier Cowboy   (2017) 

Hot Soldier Down       (2017) 

Hot Soldier Spy          (2017) 

Hot Soldier Bodyguard          (2018) 

Hot Soldier Sniper      (2018) 

Hot Soldier’s Rescue  (2019) 

Valkyrie Ops Books

Beyond the Limit        (2019) 

Standalone Novels

Killer Instinct  (2004) 

The Lost Prince           (2006) 

Taken By the Spy        (2008) 

Close Pursuit  (2014) 

Hot Intent       (2014) 

Fever Zone      (2015) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Light This Candle        (2013) 

Take the Bait  (2014) 

List of books by Cindy Dees

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Cindy Dees.

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