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List of books by Christy Barritt

List of Books by Christy Barritt with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Christy Barritt. Find my selection in date order of Christy Barritt books.

Christy Barritt List of Books to Read

 Squeaky Clean Mysteries Books

Hazardous Duty         (2006) 

Suspicious Minds       (2008) 

It Came Upon a Midnight Crime       (2012) 

Organized Grime        (2011) 

Dirty Deeds     (2013) 

The Scum of All Fears (2013) 

To Love, Honor, and Perish   (2013) 

Mucky Streak  (2014) 

Foul Play         (2014) 

Broom and Gloom     (2014) 

Dust and Obey           (2015) 

Thrill Squeaker           (2016) 

Swept Away    (2016) 

Cunning Attractions   (2016) 

Clean Getaway           (2017) 

Clean Sweep   (2018) 

Clean Break    (2019) 

 Suburban Sleuth Mystery Books

Death of the Couch Potato’s Wife    (2012) 

 Security Experts Books

Key Witness    (2013) 

Lifeline            (2013) 

High-Stakes Holiday Reunion            (2013) 

 Sierra Files Books

Pounced          (2013) 

Hunted           (2014) 

Pranced           (2014) 

Rattled            (2016) 

 Carolina Moon Books

Home Before Dark     (2013) 

Gone by Dark (2015) 

Wait Until Dark          (2016) 

Light the Dark (2016) 

Taken by Dark (2017) 

 Gabby St. Claire Diaries Books

The Curtain Call Caper          (2014) 

The Disappearing Dog Dilemma        (2014) 

The Bungled Bike Burglaries  (2014) 

 Holly Anna Paladin Mystery Books

Random Acts of Murder        (2014) 

Random Acts of Deceit          (2015) 

Random Acts of Malice          (2015) 

Random Acts of Scrooge        (2015) 

Random Acts of Greed          (2016) 

Random Acts of Fraud           (2017) 

Random Acts of Outrage       (2018) 

Random Acts of Iniquity        (2019) 

 Smuggler’s Cove Books

Desperate Measures  (2014) 

Hidden Agenda          (2015) 

 Riley Thomas Books

While You Were Sweeping    (2015) 

 Cape Thomas Books

Dubiosity        (2015) 

Disillusioned   (2016) 

Distorted        (2017) 

 Worst Detective Ever Books

Ready to Fumble        (2017) 

Reign of Error (2017) 

Safety in Blunders      (2017) 

Join the Flub   (2017) 

Blooper Freak (2017) 

Flaw Abiding Citizen  (2017) 

Gaffe Out Loud           (2018) 

Joke and Dagger         (2019) 

Wreck the Halls          (2019) 

 Raven Remington Books

Relentless       (2017) 

 Lantern Beach Mystery Books

Hidden Currents        (2018) 

Flood Watch   (2018) 

Storm Surge    (2018) 

Dangerous Waters     (2018) 

Perilous Riptide          (2018) 

Deadly Undertow       (2018) 

Winds of Danger        (2019) 

 Lantern Beach Romantic Suspense Books

Tides of Deception     (2018) 

Shadow of Intrigue    (2018) 

Storm of Doubt          (2018) 

 Fog Lake Mysteries Books

Edge of Peril   (2018) 

Margin of Error          (2019) 

Brink of Danger          (2019) 

 Baby Protectors Books

The Baby Assignment            (2018) 

The Cradle Conspiracy           (2019) 

 Lantern Beach PD Books

On the Lookout          (2019) 

Attempt to Locate      (2019) 

First Degree Murder   (2019) 

Dead on Arrival          (2019) 

Plan of Action (2019) 

 Lantern Beach Escape Books

Afterglow        (2019) 

 K-9 Mountain Guardians Books

Trained to Defend      (2019) 

 Lantern Beach Blackout Books

Dark Water     (2020) 

 Standalone Novels

The Trouble with Perfect       (2004) 

Keeping Guard           (2011) 

The Last Target           (2011) 

Race Against Time      (2012) 

Ricochet          (2012) 

The Good Girl (2013) 

Dark Harbour (2016) 

Mountain Hideaway  (2016) 

Dark Harbor    (2016) 

Shadow of Suspicion  (2017) 

The Wrecking (2017) 


Merry Mayhem          (2017) 

 Non-Fiction Books

Changed         (2005) 

Characters in the Kitchen      (2018) 

List of books by Christy Barritt

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Christy Barritt.

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