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List of books by Christopher Pike

List of Books by Christopher Pike with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Christopher Pike. Find myselection in date order of Christopher Pike books.

Christopher Pike List of Books to Read

Chain Letter Books

Chain Letter        (1986)   

The Ancient Evil (1992)   

Final Friends Books

The Dance           (1988)   

The Graduation  (1988)   

The Party             (1991)   

Final Friends Books

The Party             (1991)   

The Dance           (1988)   

The Graduation  (1988)   

Remember Me Books

Remember Me   (1989)   

The Return          (1992)   

The Last Story    (1994)   

Last Vampire Books

The Last Vampire              (1994)   

Black Blood         (1994)   

Red Dice              (1995)   

Phantom              (1996)   

Evil Thirst             (1996)   

Creatures of Forever       (1996)   

The Eternal Dawn             (2010)   

The Shadow of Death      (2011)   

The Sacred Veil  (2013)   

Spooksville Books

The Secret Path  (1995)   

The Howling Ghost           (1995)   

The Haunted Cave            (1995)   

Aliens in the Sky (1995)   

The Cold People (1995)   

The Witch’s Revenge       (1996)   

The Dark Corner               (1996)   

The Little People               (1996)   

The Wishing Stone           (1996)   

The Wicked Cat  (1996)   

The Deadly Past (1996)   

The Hidden Beast             (1996)   

Creature in the Teacher  (1996)   

Alien Invasion     (1997)   

The Evil House    (1997)   

Invasion of the No-Ones (1997)   

Time Terror         (1997)   

The Thing in the Closet    (1997)   

Attack of the Killer Crabs               (1997)   

Night of the Vampire       (1997)   

The Dangerous Quest      (1997)   

Return of the Dead          (1997)   

The Living Dead (1998)   

The Creepy Creature        (1997)   

Phone Fear          (1998)   

The Witch’s Gift (1998)   

Alosha Trilogy Books

Alosha   (2004)   

The Shaktra         (2005)   

The Yanti             (2006)   

Witch World Books

Witch World       (2012)   

Black Knight   (2014)              

Standalone Novels

Getting Even       (1985)   

Slumber Party     (1985)   

Weekend             (1986)   

The Tachyon Web            (1986)   

Last Act (1988)   

Spellbound          (1988)   

Gimme a Kiss      (1988)   

Scavenger Hunt  (1989)   

Fall into Darkness             (1990)   

Witch    (1990)   

See You Later     (1990)   

Sati        (1990)   

Whisper of Death             (1990)   

Die Softly             (1991)   

Bury Me Deep    (1991)   

The Season of Passage    (1992)   

Master of Murder             (1992)   

Monster               (1992)   

The Eternal Enemy           (1993)   

Road to Nowhere             (1993)   

The Immortal     (1993)   

The Wicked Heart             (1993)   

The Cold One      (1994)   

The Midnight Club            (1994)   

The Listeners      (1994)   

The Visitor           (1995)   

The Starlight Crystal         (1995)   

The Lost Mind    (1995)   

Execution of Innocence  (1997)   

The Star Group   (1997)   

The Hollow Skull               (1998)   

Magic Fire           (1998)   

The Grave            (1999)   

The Blind Mirror (2003)   

Falling   (2007)   

The Secret of Ka               (2010)   

Strange Girl         (2015)   

List of books by Christopher Pike

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Christopher Pike.

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