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List of books by Christopher Hyde

List of Books by Christopher Hyde with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Christopher Hyde. Find my selection in date order of Christopher Hyde books.

Christopher Hyde List of Books to Read

 Jay Fletcher Books

Watch Me           (1995)   

Catch Me             (1999)   

 Finn Ryan Books

Michelangelo’s Notebook             (2005)   

The Lucifer Gospel           (2006)   

Rembrandt’s Ghost          (2007)   

The Aztec Heresy              (2008)   

 John Holliday Books

The Sword of the Templars           (2009)   

The Templar Cross           (2010)   

The Templar Throne        (2010)   

The Templar Conspiracy (2011)   

The Templar Legion         (2011)   

Red Templar       (2012)   

Valley of the Templars    (2012)   

Lost City of the Templars               (2012)   

 Standalone Novels

The Wave            (1979)   

The Icarus Seal   (1982)   

Styx        (1982)   

The Tenth Crusade           (1983)   

Maxwell’s Train  (1984)   

Whisperland       (1986)   

Jericho Falls        (1986)   

Crestwood Heights          (1988)   

Egypt Green        (1989)   

White Lies           (1990)   

Hard Target        (1990)   

Black Dragon      (1992)   

The Paranoid’s Handbook              (1993)   

A Gathering of the Saints               (1996)   

Unforgiven          (1996)   

The Second Assassin        (2002)   

Wisdom of the Bones      (2003)   

The House of Special Purpose      (2004)   

An American Spy               (2005)   

List of books by Christopher Hyde

So there you have a list of book and date of publication from the Author Christopher Hyde.


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