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List of books by Christopher Golden

List of Books by Christopher Golden with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Christopher Golden. Find my selection in date order of Christopher Golden books.

Christopher Golden List of Books to Read

 Peter Octavian / Shadow Saga Books

Of Saints and Shadows    (1994)   

Angel Souls and Devil Hearts         (1998)   

Of Masques and Martyrs               (1998)   

The Gathering Dark          (2003)   

Waking Nightmares         (2011)   

The Graves of Saints        (2013)   

King of Hell         (2014)   

 Body of Evidence Books

Body Bags           (1999)   

Thief of Hearts   (1999)   

Soul Survivor       (1999)   

Meets the Eye    (2000)   

Head Games       (2000)   

Skin Deep (with Rick Hautala)       (2000)   

Burning Bones (with Rick Hautala)              (2001)   

Brain Trust (with Rick Hautala)     (2001)   

Last Breath (with Rick Hautala)    (2004)   

Throat Culture (with Rick Hautala)             (2005)   

 Prowlers Books

Prowlers              (2001)   

Laws of Nature  (2001)   

Predator and Prey            (2001)   

Wild Things         (2002)   

 Outcast Series (with Thomas E Sniegoski) Books

The Un-Magician aka Magic Zero               (2004)   

Dragon Secrets  (2004)   

Ghostfire             (2005)   

Wurm War          (2005)   

 Menagerie Series (with Thomas E Sniegoski) Books

The Nimble Man               (2004)   

The Tears of the Furies    (2005)   

Stones Unturned               (2006)   

Crashing Paradise             (2007)   

 Ghosts of Albion (with Amber Benson) Books

Accursed              (2004)   

Initiation              (2005)   

Witchery              (2006)   

Astray    (2006)   

 Hollow Books

Horseman (with Ford Lytle Gilmore)          (2005)   

Drowned (with Ford Lytle Gilmore)            (2005)   

Mischief (with Ford Lytle Gilmore)              (2006)   

Enemies (with Ford Lytle Gilmore)              (2006)   

 Veil Books

The Myth Hunters             (2006)   

The Borderkind  (2007)   

The Lost Ones    (2008)   

 Bloodstained Series (with James A Moore) Books

Bloodstained Oz               (2006)   

 Hidden Cities Series (with Tim Lebbon) Books

Mind the Gap      (2008)   

The Map of Moments      (2009)   

The Chamber of Ten        (2010)   

The Shadow Men              (2011)   

 Secret Journeys of Jack London Series(with Tim Lebbon) Books

The Wild              (2011)   

The Sea Wolves (2012)   

White Fangs        (2013)   

 Uncharted Books

The Fourth Labyrinth       (2011)   

 Baltimore Series (with Mike Mignola) Books

The Plague Ships               (2011)   

The Curse Bells   (2012)   

A Passing Stranger            (2013)   

Chapel Of Bones               (2014)   

The Apostle and the Witch or Harju           (2015)   

The Cult of the Red King (2015)   

Empty Graves     (2016)   

 Magic Zero Series (with Thomas E Sniegoski) Books

Battle for Arcanum          (2013)   

 Cemetery Girl Trilogy Series (with Charlaine Harris) Books

The Pretenders   (2014)   

Inheritance         (2014)   

Haunted               (2017)   

 Joe Golem Occult Detective Series (with Mike Mignola) Books

Joe Golem: Occult Detective        (2015)   

Joe Golem: Occult Detective #2   (2015)   

Joe Golem: Occult Detective #3   (2016)   

Joe Golem: Occult Detective #4   (2016)   

 Standalone Novels

Bikini     (1995)   

Beach Blanket Psycho     (1995)   

Daredevil             (1995)   

Strangewood      (1999)   

Straight on Til’ Morning  (2001)   

The Ferryman     (2002)   

Force Majeure (with Thomas E Sniegoski) aka Storm Warning         (2002)   

The Boys Are Back in Town           (2004)   

Wildwood Road (2005)   

Kong aka King Kong         (2005)   

The Seven Whistlers (with Amber Benson)               (2006)   

Baltimore (with Mike Mignola)     (2007)   

Poison Ink           (2008)   

Soulless (2008)   

When Rose Wakes           (2010)   

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (with Troy Nixey and Guillermo del Toro)           (2011)   

Joe Golem and the Drowning City (with Mike Mignola)       (2012)   

Snowblind           (2014)   

Sons of Anarchy: Bratva  (2014)   

Tin Men               (2015)   

Dead Ringers      (2015)   

Ararat    (2017)   

Indigo (with Kelley Armstrong, Charlaine Harris, Tim Lebbon, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, James A Moore, Mark Morris, Cherie Priest and Kat Richardson)     (2017)   

Runaways            (2018)   

Blood of the Four (with Tim Lebbon)         (2018)   


Four Dark Nights (with Douglas Clegg, Bentley Little and Tom Piccirilli)        (2002)   

The Secret Backs of Things            (2010)   

Tell My Sorrows To The Stones    (2013)   

Four Summoner’s Tales (with Kelley Armstrong, David Liss and Jonathan Maberry)  (2013)   

The Jo Fletcher Books Anthology (with Tom Fletcher, Naomi Foyle, Aidan Harte, Markus Heitz, Snorri Kristjansson, Alison Littlewood, Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews, Rachel Pollack, Frank P Ryan, Stephanie Saulter, Sue Tingey, David Towsey and Lisa Tuttle)          (2016)   

 Graphic Standalone Novels

Monster War (with Thomas E Sniegoski)   (2006)   

Talent (with Paul Azaceta and Thomas E Sniegoski)             (2007)   

The Crow Midnight Legends, Vol. 4: Waking Nightmares   (2013)   

Sons of Anarchy (with Kurt Sutter)              (2014)   

 Short Stories/Novellas

The Shell Collector           (2004)   

Joe Golem and the Copper Girl (with Mike Mignola)            (2012)   

Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism (with Mike Mignola)   (2012)   

Pyre       (2013)   

 Non Fiction Books

Cut!       (1992)   

Sophomore Slumps          (1995)   

The Complete Stephen King Universe (with Hank Wagner and Stanley Wiater)          (2006)   

Prince of Stories (with Stephen Bissette and Hank Wagner)              (2008)   

List of books by Christopher Golden

So there you have a list of book and date of publication from the Author Christopher Golden.

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