Christmas Day in Australia Sunday, 25 December

Christmas in Australia

Christmas customs in Australia share many parallels with those in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada, including classic Christmas emblems depicting winter imagery. It includes a red-fur-coated Santa Claus on a sleigh, tunes like “Jingle Bells,” and numerous Christmas sceneries on Christmas cards and decorations. However, because Christmas falls during the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere, numerous local customs have developed due to the warmer weather.

Australians live on the world’s biggest island, which also happens to be the smallest continent. The immigrants to Australia came from England and Ireland, bringing their Christmas traditions. On December 25, Australians celebrate Christmas during their summer holiday. Carols by Candlelight is the most popular event of the Christmas season. At night, people gather outside to light candles and sing Christmas carols. The views and sounds of this beautiful outdoor performance are enhanced by the stars beaming above. 


Christmas festivities in Australia date back to late 1788, when convicts from the First Fleet landed in Sydney Harbour early that year. The habit of constructing Christmas trees, sending Christmas cards, and displaying decorations grew throughout Australia from the 19th century forward. Since then, Christmas has remained an official observation holiday in Australia, and it is celebrated as a traditional summertime event.

According to historical sources, the first Christmas in Australia was celebrated in December 1788, over a year after the colonists arrived at Sydney Cove. Before enjoying the Christmas meal, Reverend Johnson held services for Governor Arthur Phillips and his officers. Unfortunately, the criminals were only given bread and water regularly. However, the jail guards reduced the punishment of one unlucky person called Michael Dennison, who had stolen a sack of flour. As a result, he only received 150 whippings instead of the standard 200.


Santa Claus has been described by several Australian singers and authors as wearing “Australian” clothes such as an Akubra hat, warm-weather apparel and thongs, and riding in a truck driven by kangaroos. In addition, there are a few well-known original Australian Christmas songs, such as Paul Kelly’s How to Make Gravy, Colin Buchanan’s Aussie Jingle Bells, and Tim Minchin’s White Wine in the Sun. Still, they have yet to displace mainstream iconography. 

In Australia, the practice of sending Christmas cards is prevalent. A Christmas postage stamp cost is less than a conventional letter; while using the lower-cost stamps, senders must designate the envelope “card only.” Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Boxing Day are all public holidays in Australia. Proclamation Day (December 28) is a federal holiday that is currently observed on December 26 to maintain consistency with other states. Christmas decorations revolve around the classic Christmas tree, adorned with lights and tinsel. Beginning in November, decorations start to emerge in stores and on the streets, and by early December, they are prevalent. In addition, many people choose to decorate the outside of their homes. 

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Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, and nativity scenes are among the seasonal motifs depicted in the displays, ranging from simple to spectacular. In addition, hundreds of lights and decorations portray seasonal motifs such as Christmas trees and Santa Claus reindeer and nativity scenes. Several places have a tradition of extravagant displays during the Christmas season that draw many pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Despite the longer days that result in sunsets beyond 8 p.m. in daylight-saving time zones.

Fun Fact

How do People in Australia celebrate Christmas?

Families in Australia like spending time outside. They Christmas via swimming, surfing, sailing, and riding bicycles and enjoy grilling food on the barbeque, which they call the “barbie.”

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