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Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Chris Stewart, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Chris Stewart you will find my Ten favorites of Chris Stewart’s quotes. 

About Chris Stewart

In 1951, Christopher ‘Chris’ Stewart was born and was Genesis’ founding drummer. Currently, he is a farmer and an author. As a Charterhouse School classmate of Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel, Stewart joined them in a school band called The Garden Wall, before forming Anon with Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips. As a result of this band’s success, Genesis was formed in January 1967. As a member of Genesis, Stewart appears on the band’s first two singles, “The Silent Sun”/”That’s Me” and “A Winter’s Tale”/”One-Eyed Hound.” Several demos from Stewart’s Genesis tenure appear on the Genesis Archive 1967-75 box set, but Stewart is not credited with any of them. Peter Gabriel played drums on a couple, and the rest do not have drums.

Born: Faygate, Horsham, Sussex , The United Kingdom
Genre: Travel

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Popular Quotes

“The children of God can defeat the adversary, for we have fought him before.”
― Chris Stewart, Prologue: The Brothers

 “To get what we want we must be subtle as snakes; more deadly, more cunning, more patient, more mean. Think of the serpent, how it slithers through the garden. It’s such a beautiful creature, slow and delicate, rarely seen but effective, low, and not loved, but gloriously efficient! The serpent is now our model; we must pattern our work after him. So go to your old friends and stand by their sides. Pretend you want to help them while whispering deceits in their ears. Only lie when you have to. Speak the truth when you can; for the truth, once it’s twisted, is the most effective tool we have. Coat your lies with enough truth, and they will swallow it down.

Now listen to me, people, for this is the key – evil can be twisted into virtue if you phrase it just right. Any vice is acceptable if you cloak it as an issue of freedom. Any immorality is worth fighting for it you tell them they are fighting for choice, if you wrap it in the mantle of privacy and freedom. So take their moral agency and turn it on them. But be patient. . . be patient. . . it takes time to turn the truth upside down.”
― Chris Stewart

“You can tempt me, desert me, or cause me great pain; you can create a dark world that my cause me to fear; you can rule your world with blood and terror, that’s true.
But you can’t win. And I know that. Weak as I am, with my imperfections and sins, even with all of my failing, I am stronger than you.
I will soon have a body. And I have my agency now. I will increase in my faith and knowledge and power. I am not perfect, but I will be, and there’s not a thing you can do! I will become like the Father if I follow the Son. You are powerless to stop me. You can threaten and tempt and whisper lies in my ear, but you can’t stop me, Satan; I see that so clearly now! I can stop myslef, yes, but only if I follow you.
And I reject you temptations. I reject your whispered lies. I reject you, Lucifer, and your entire plan. You have no power to control me. I am in control of myself. And try as you might, you won’t control me on earth. We will defeat you in heaven, and we will deafeat you on earth. Here, or the earth, it doesn’t matter; I am always stronger than you.”
― Chris Stewart

 “All men will die. All men will be called upon to pass through the veil. But only a few, only a few special men, only those who have been worthy to answer a calling from God, are given the honor to die for a cause.
And in this life, in these times, all of us will be called on to make a sacrifice. When, or in what manner that sacrifice may be required, only God knows. All we can do is wait and prepare and pray that when our time comes, we will be ready to complete the task that he gives, so that when it is over, when we have done all we could, we might look to the Lord and say the same words he said : ‘I have fought my way through, I have finished the work Thou didst give me to do.”
― Chris Stewart

 “You can give me anything?” he asked.
“Anything!” Lucifer cried.
“Anything I ask for?”
“Anything you desire!”
“Can you give me love?” Ammon asked him. “Can you take away my sins? Can you give me salvation? Are you willing to die for me? Can you give me the love of my family and the love of my friends? Can you promise me anything besides what you have shown me here? Can you give me the love of my Father, or my older brother, Jehovah, the Christ?”
― Chris Stewart, Prologue: The Brothers

 “There are others watching over you from the other side of the veil. We watch. We listen. And we understand. We never leave your side, Azadeh. Someone is always near, someone who knows you and loves you and wants you to succeed. You are never alone. There is always someone there. Think of that, remember, and it will give you the strength that you need.”
― Chris Stewart, The Second Sun

“The final result wouldn’t be decided by the presidents or within the mighty kingdoms or the great capitals of the world. It was the ordinary people that had the power to save the world.”
― Chris Stewart, Wrath & Righteousness: Episode One

 “God can’t force his children to become like him. It’s something they have to want, a blessing they have to fight for and be willing to sacrifice to attain.”
― Chris Stewart, Prologue: The Brothers

“Your salvation would be hollow if you don’t help each other come home. Remember we are family, and families leave no one behind.”
― Chris Stewart, Prologue: The Brothers

“The flaw isn’t in the plan; it’s in our own weakness. The plan offers such promise!”
― Chris Stewart, Prologue: The Brothers

10 Famous Quotes by Author Chris Stewart

So there you have it my Ten favorite quotes by Chris Stewart, please comment below and share your favorite quotes by the fantastic author Chris Stewart.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Chris Stewart. 

One Final Bonus – Chris Stewart Quote 

“In the time you will live, there will be heroes around. Simple men, honest men who work two jobs, go to school, raise a family, and serve our God. An older couple who have the courage to seek out the truth while enduring the scorn and ridicule of their children and friends. A young man, a special spirit, who will take on a body that is deformed- and yet you will never see hime unhappy or without a smile on his face. A young mother who will care for a daughter while she suffers a painful death, and yet never doubt or loose faith that her Father loves them both.
In your worl famous people will be hard to find. But you will be surrounded by heroes, you will meet them everyday. They will be the simple people who struggle but never give up, those who strive to be happy despite the cares of the physical world, those who dream of the day when they will find the truth, those who search for understanding as to why they were born, why there is pain, or what it all means, and yet continure to endure, knowing in their soul, somewhere deep inside, that there has to be an answer.
These are the heroes that our Father needs down on earth. And you will be a hero. We already know that.”

― Chris Stewart

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