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Cherry Adair, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Cherry Adair quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Cherry Adair’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Cherry Adair made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Cherry Adair

Cherry Adair is a New York Times bestselling author whose innovative action-adventure novels have been featured on numerous bestseller lists, won dozens of awards, and have been acclaimed as an exciting read both by reviewers and fans alike. With the creation of T-FLAC, her kick-butt counterterrorist group, years before action adventure romances became popular, Cherry has carved out a niche for herself with her sexy, sassy, fast-paced, action adventure novels that are sexy, sassy, and full of action. She is currently working on two new series for children, CUTTER CAY and LODESTONE, and she loves to hear from readers about their experiences.

Born: Cape Town
Twitter: CherryAdair
Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Fiction

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Popular Quotes

“Your mouth is the best thing that ever happened to my mouth. -Zane Cutter”
Cherry Adair, Undertow

 “A pirate!
A black patch covered her rescuer’s left eye. The elastic holding it in place drew a thin line between his dark brows and across his forehead. His dark hair was wet, and slicked back off his lean face. His strong jaw was hazed with dark bristle. His face bore the austere lines of a man hounded by demons and comfortable with danger. He looked scruffy, unkempt, and strangely appealing. Tally attributed her reaction to being delirious with shock.
“Seen enough?” he asked dryly as she continued to stare. “Or do you want me to turn around?”
By all means, do. “Sorry. I wasn’t really looking looking-I zoned out there for a second.” Very smooth, Tallulah. “I wasn’t looking looking”? Oh, brother. She blew out a sigh.
He wasn’t quite a giant, but he was solidly built, and towered over her own not insubstantial five foot nine by a good five or six inches. Six foot four of sheer power, hard muscle, and sex appeal. His broad, darkly tanned shoulders gleamed with moisture. Salt water glittered like tiny diamonds in the hair on his chest and on the silky dark hair on his thickly muscled legs. His hands and feet were enormous.
“Understandable.” His mocking and enigmatic gaze took in her clinging clothes, bare feet, and grim hold on the railing as his boat rode the swells.
There wasn’t a thing she could do about her appearance, so she didn’t bother fiddling. Besides, she didn’t want to draw attention to the wet transparency of her blouse. Not that he looked the type to be crazed by lust. Especially for a woman like her. Perversely disappointed, she realized that far from being crazed with lust at the sight of her size A boobs, the pirate hadn’t even noticed he could see right through her shirt.
That one, piercing, whiskey-colored eye locked onto her, and Tally’s stomach did a weird little somersault. Adrenaline still raced through her body at a furious clip.
She took a deep, shuddering breath. “Tally Cruise.” Pleased she sounded coherent under the circumstances, she thrust out her hand and smiled.
“Michael Wright.” He took her hand, not with his right, but his left. His thumb brushed the back of her knuckles. Little zings of electricity shot up her arm.”
― Cherry Adair, In Too Deep

“ Duty o’er love was the choice you did make
My love you did spurn, my heart you did break
Your penance to pay, no pride you shall gain
Three sons on three sons find nothing but pain
I gift you my powers in memory of me

The joy of love no son shall ever see

When a Lifemate is chosen by the heart of a son
No protection can be given, again I have won
His pain will be deep, her death will be swift
Inside his heart a terrible rift

Only freely given will this curse be done
To break the spell, three must work as one.”
― Cherry Adair, Edge of Danger

 “I don’t give a damn if you were the featured date du jour of the sultan of Brunei. Get it through your head: You’re here under duress,my duress, and the second I can get you across the river, the better I’ll like it.”
“Even if Winkie wants me?”
“Who the hell is Winkie?”
In answer, her gaze traveled to his crotch.
“Woman,” Jake roared, beyond insane, “do you have a death wish? Get in that bed, pull the covers over your head, and go to sleep before I do something we’ll both regret.”
― Cherry Adair, Kiss and Tell

 “Jake became excruciatingly aware of her, there, right behind him. The small grunts and groans as she placed each foot carefully on the slick ground reverberated in his gut. He wanted to turn around and tell her to shut the hell up.
She sounded as though she was having sex.
Good sex.”
― Cherry Adair, Kiss and Tell

 “Did you see what happened?”
“Hard to miss,” he said dryly. “Your boat went kaplooie.”
Tally blinked at his easy dismissal of two lives and a million-dollar boat. “Is that the technical term for it?”
― Cherry Adair, In Too Deep

“You skin is so soft. Smells like…”

She had to tilt him to get this other arm free and hated knowing how badly she was hurting him as she did so. “Sheer, unadulterated fear?”
― Cherry Adair, Hush

 “You took a quarter century off my age with that kidnapping stunt. No more going off with a strange men, hear me?

-“You’re a strange man.”

I’m your strange man.”
― Cherry Adair, Undertow

“You’re not the boss of me,” she told him breathlessly.
His chuckle sounded strangled. “Pretend I am for a while.”
― Cherry Adair, In Too Deep

“Never run after a man or a bus, there’s always another one in five minutes.”
― Cherry Adair, Kiss and Tell

10 Famous Quotes by Author Cherry Adair

Quotes for all, here you found our selection of 10 Cherry Adair quotes. Make sure you help by commenting your best Cherry Adair quote below and sharing our favorite authors so we can look them up, read some of their works and give you the best quotes we can find. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 quotes by Cherry Adair. However, feel free to comment below if you disagree or would like to include some other great and memorable Cherry Adair quotes in our list. 

One Final Bonus – Cherry Adair Quote 

“Their eyes met.
For a split second she caught a glimpse of heat in his eyes. Then Jake banked the flame and broke out of her embrace.
Marnie felt a hot blush rise from her toes to her nose.
It took a moment for her eyes to focus and her brain to function. Bewildered, she looked up to find him watching her. His heavy-lidded eyes held a strange desperation as he reached back and unhooked the vice of her ankles from around his wiast.
Her legs dropped. Her heels thumped against the cabinet.
Beneath his hawklike gaze she felt stripped bare and vulnerable. He studied her face, seeming to see more than her features. He seemed to delve into her mind, to touch things deep and frightening—parts of herself Marnie was still exploring.
The muscles in his jaw knotted and unknotted. After a moment he stepped back and casually, but with difficulty, adjusted his jeans
Heat flooded her cheeks. Legs splayed, nipples peaked to his clinical gaze, she’d never experienced such acute embarrassment in her life. Her breath hitched as she jumped off the counter, tugging her top down and her pants up.
At a loss for hers, she half laughed. “I have absolutely no idea what to say.” Which was a reasonable start, she guessed. It was rare for her to be speechless. But then, this was a day of firsts.
“I told you weren’t my type.” The brass button on his jeans closed like the clasp of a miser’s purse. Other than a faint flush on the ridge of his cheekbones and what looked like a painful erection, he seemed totally unaffected by what had just happened.
She stared at him. “Not your t—What do you call what just happened?” Marnie was confused. It was out of character for her to be sexually aggressive. But now that she’d done it, she wasn’t sorry.
“What part of ‘I don’t want you’ didn’t you understand?”
He’d wanted her. He might lie about it, but his body had been honest. He was as hard as petrified wood.
“Then what”—she pointed—“is that?”
He ignored the bulge in his jeans. “Just because I have it doesn’t mean I intend to use it.”
Marnie stepped forward and touched his arm. He jerked away from her as if she’d used a cattle prod.
“Was it something I said?” she asked quietly, dropping her hand to her side. “Look, I have a tendency to sort of speak without running the words through my brain first. But I know I didn’t give out mixed signals just now. I wanted to make love with you. It was very good. No, darn it, it was excellent. So if you have some sort of medical condition, let’s talk about i—”
He moved backward, almost tripping over Duchess sprawled on the floor. The dog rose to hover anxiously between them. Jake’s eyes turned as he said, “I do not have a medical condition.”
Marnie backed up—mentally as well as physically. Her hip bumped the counter. “Good.”
He scowled and swore under his breath.
“That is good, isn’t it?” she asked tentatively.”
― Cherry Adair, Kiss and Tell

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