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Cherise Wolas, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Cherise Wolas quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Cherise Wolas’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Cherise Wolas made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favorites: 

About Cherise Wolas

She is the author of two highly acclaimed novels: The Resurrection of Joan Ashby and The Family Tabor, both of which have been very well received by critics.

This novel is a nominee for the International Dublin Literary Award 2019, a semi-finalist for the PEN Debut Fiction Prize, an Editor’s Choice and Paperback Row selection of the New York Times Book Review, a pick by the American Booksellers Association for Indie Next Great Reads, a Kirkus Reviews Best Novel and Best Debut Novel of 2017 and a nominee for various other awards such as Best Novel, Best Debut Novel, and top 10 novel of the year. It has been published in France, the UK, and Poland and is currently being translated into a variety of other languages, including Hebrew, Turkish, and Chinese.

As an ABA Indie Next Great Read, The Family Tabor is available in Hardcover, Paperback, and at your local bookstore for your reading group. New York Times Book Review named it one of the best books of the year for Paperback Row. In October 2021, the book will be released in France, as well as in the US and the UK. The series has been optioned by Legendary Entertainment Television for a multi-season run.

Born: Los Angeles, The United States
Twitter: @CheriseWolas
Genre: Literature, Fiction

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Popular Quotes

“Love cannot save a single trapped soul.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

 “In the stories Joan wrote when she was Daniel’s age, she had murdered her characters, while Daniel had his one character facing down dangers and searching for answers. The genesis of the stories was clear to her: because Daniel felt loved and safe within his family, he could imagine himself taking risks, venturing out onto figurative limbs. He was lucky, Joan thought. She had only felt loved and safe within the worlds she created.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

“All the ways in which women become mothers of some sort. Is motherhood inescapably entwined in female life, a story every woman ends up telling, whether or not she sought or desired that bond; her nourishment, her caretaking, her love, needed by someone standing before her, hands held out, heart demanding succor, commanding her not look away, but to dig deep, give of herself unstintingly, offer up everything she can?”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

 “The middle seat holds an old woman, teeny, not much bigger than a doll. She is creased and wrinkled and rheumy-eyed. Her eyes, though, beneath their cloudy scrim, sparkle like emeralds. And she is bright. She is very bright. Her cheeks rouged a happy pink. Her sweater a hot pink, the vibrant color masking the heavy load on her sloped, thin shoulders.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

 “There are so many lost souls in the world, and I had to stop for a while, to write about another lost boy who is about to be found, saved by a woman who never imagined herself a mother.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

 “Treacheries experienced in childhood are among the most difficult to overcome, or to forgive, as are dreams crushed when one is too young.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

“Joan Ashby is one of our most astonishing writers, a master of words whose profound characters slip free of the page…”
― Cherise Wolas

 “Joan thinks then that writers have infinite choices and mothers nearly no choice at all.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

“Last words of wisdom. Whoever you were as a child, she’s your future.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

“… beware of finding yourself living an unintended life.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

10 Famous Quotes by Author Cherise Wolas

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One Final Bonus – Cherise Wolas Quote 

“We were young, and some of us were beautiful, and others of us were brilliant, and a few of us were both. Citizenship demanded only an ability to create, to use our minds and hands and bodies in unforeseen ways. We believed we knew more than those who had tried before us. Their experiment had failed, but their hard. Passionate, arrogant, certain we would not falter, or deceive, or betray ourselves, that we would not blacken our lives with whitewashed expectations, our presence here, in this arcadia, proved we had slipped the ropes and chains of expected, normal life. We considered everything. Except everything. By its very nature, everything resists corralling; it is far too expansive. You think you’ve avoided every last trap, but what you hadn’t considered, what you never could plan for, it is that which trips you up.”
― Cherise Wolas, The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

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