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List of books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

List of Books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Find my selection in date order of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro List of Books to Read

Ogilvie, Tallant and Moon / Charlie Moon Mysteries Books

Ogilvie, Tallant and Moon             (1976)   

Music When Sweet Voices Die     (1979)   

Poison Fruit         (1991)   

Cat’s Claw           (1992)   

Saint-Germain Books

Hotel Transylvania           (1978)   

The Palace          (1979)   

Blood Games      (1979)   

Path of the Eclipse           (1981)   

Tempting Fate    (1981)   

The Saint-Germain Chronicles      (1983)   

Darker Jewels     (1993)   

Better in the Dark             (1993)   

Mansions of Darkness     (1996)   

Writ in Blood      (1997)   

Blood Roses        (1998)   

Communion Blood           (1999)   

Come Twilight    (2000)   

A Feast in Exile   (2001)   

Night Blooming  (2002)   

Midnight Harvest              (2003)   

Dark of the Sun  (2004)   

States of Grace  (2005)   

Roman Dusk       (2006)   

Saint-Germain Memoirs  (2007)   

Borne in Blood   (2007)   

A Dangerous Climate       (2008)   

Burning Shadows              (2009)   

An Embarrassment of Riches        (2011)   

Commedia Della Morte   (2012)   

Night Pilgrims     (2013)   

Sustenance         (2014)   

Michael Books

Messages from Michael  (1979)   

More Messages from Michael      (1986)   

Michael for the Millennium           (1995)   

Michael’s People              (1998)   

Atta Olivia Clemens Books

A Flame in Byzantium      (1987)   

Crusader’s Torch               (1988)   

A Candle for D’Artagnan (1989)   

Charity, Colorado Books

Charity, Colorado             (1989)   

The Law in Charity            (1993)   

Madelaine De Montalia Books

Out of the House of Life (1990)   

In the Face of Death        (2001)   

Of War and Honor Books

The Harriers        (1991)   

Blood and War   (1993)   

Mme. Victoire Vernet Books

Napoleon Must Die          (1993)   

Death Wears a Crown     (1993)   

Crisis Of Empire Books

Crown of Empire              (1994)   

Dragonflight Books

Monet’s Ghost  (1997) 

Mycroft Holmes Books

Against the Brotherhood               (1997)   

Embassy Row     (1998)   

The Flying Scotsman        (1999)   

The Scottish Ploy              (2000)   

Against the Brotherhood               (2015)   

Sisters Of The Night Series Books

The Angry Angel (1998)   

The Soul of an Angel        (1999)   

Shattered Light Books

Dark Light            (1999)   

Merchant Prince Books

Outrageous Fortune        (2002)   

Ian Fleming Books

Death to Spies    (2002)   

Siren Song           (2003)   

Honor Among Spies         (2004)   

Trouble In The Forest Books

A Cold Summer Night      (2004)   

A Bright Winter Sun          (2004)   

Vildecaz Talents Books

Nimuar’s Loss     (2007)   

The Deceptive Oracle      (2007)   

Agnith’s Promise               (2014)   

Chesterton Holte Mysteries Books

Haunting Investigation    (2015)   

Living Spectres   (2016)   

Sherlock Holmes Short Stories/Novellas

The Case of the American Twins  (2016)   

Brother Keeper  (2016)   

Standalone Novels

Time of the Fourth Horseman      (1976)   

False Dawn         (1978)   

Ariosto  (1980)   

Dead and Buried               (1980)   

The Godforsaken              (1983)   

Hyacinths            (1983)   

Nomads               (1984)   

Locadio’s Apprentice       (1984)   

A Taste of Wine (1984)   

Four Horses for Tishtry    (1985)   

To the High Redoubt        (1985)   

A Mortal Glamour            (1985)   

A Baroque Fable               (1986)   

Floating Illusions               (1986)   

Firecode              (1987)   

Taji’s Syndrome  (1988)   

Beastnights         (1989)   

Spider Glass        (1991)   

Magnificat          (1999)   

Alas, Poor Yorick              (2002)   

Arcane Wisdome              (2014)   

Short Stories/Novellas

On Saint Hubert’s Thing   (1982)   

Short Story Collections

Cautionary Tales               (1978)   

Signs and Portents            (1984)   

Beyond the Gate of Worlds           (1991)   

The Vampire Stories of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro        (1994)   

Strangers in the Night      (1995)   

Apprehensions   (2003)   

The Vampire Megapack  (2012)   

The Werewolf Megapack              (2013)   


Two Views of Wonder     (1973)   

Graphic Novels

The Lost Prince  (2007)   

Non-Fiction Books

Fine-Tuning Fiction           (2013)   

List of books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.


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