Chasing Excellence: Unveiling the World Of Elite Sports

We all like to engage in sports. While some spectate and enjoy the sport, others play and win. Since childhood, we have been taught to play some kind of sport to keep ourselves active and healthy. Well, sports do indeed help us stay on track and keep ourselves healthy, both physically and mentally. However, when we walk into the arena of elite sports, we enter a whole new world. 

Sports like swimming, badminton, etc. are accessible to all. Most people make a living out of it by exposing themselves to the competitive arena. However, in the world of elite sports, the wealthy play sports for fun. When we explore elite sports like polo, golf, and more, we notice that people engage in such sports to have fun or spend quality time with their friends and family. 

Hence, let us journey into the world of elite sports, where sports are more of a medium of leisure and socialization than competition and commitment. 

The World Of Elite Sports

When we say elite sports, we immediately think of rich people. Well, it is only natural, as sports like golf and polo will require ten times more money than playing used basketball on a street court. Hence, elite sports are those that need time, money, and interest. 

If you visit social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc., you will see the rich playing such sports. While it is not restricted only to them, we common people usually focus on sports that are extreme and require much more dedication and hard work. That is not to say that elite sports are for the lazy. They equally demand practice and time. However, they also require wealth that not everyone can afford. 

So, let’s look into some of the most popular elite sports the rich play. 


Golf is one of the most popular sports that brings wealthy people together, giving them a chance to network. Sometimes, golf courts become more of a space to discuss business than actually playing the game. Hence, golf is often considered a rich man’s sport or a gentleman’s sport.

Talking about golf, it is not easy to play either. It is a club-and-ball sport where the players need to strike the club and hit the ball into a series of holes. While it is already expensive, the body control and concentration it requires are also equally demanding. However, with the right training, it is safe to play for everyone. 


As we talk about elite sports, nothing can be more royal than polo. For centuries, polo has been a sport for the wealthy and royal families. It is a sport for the royals because of the undeniable fact that it literally requires a horse to play. Moreover, you need a mallet to participate and a club membership for the space. 

Polo is a traditional game and one of the world’s oldest team sports. It requires a horse, a ball, and a mallet that is long and flexible. It usually comprises four players. The two teams try to hit the ball through the goalposts and score by striking it with long mallets while riding on horseback. 

Polo takes place in luxurious locations. And since it requires a horse you need to train and take care of, it is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. 


Another rich man’s sport or an elite sport is sailing. However, this time, the sport is played not on a huge field but on water. It is a sport, usually called regatta, where teams compete against each other by mastering the wind and waves on the water. 

It is one of the elite sports because paying for a boat or yacht is not a piece of cake. Above all, there are always chances of the weather ruining the boat. Since it is already pricey, any payment for repairs or equipment will not be cheap. 

However, the game is simple to understand. It is a competition where the boats have to finish a previously defined route within a given period. Further, the game can take three forms. They are inshore races, offshore races, or short-course races. 

Snow Skiing

Snow skiing is a popular sport played during the winter season by the rich. Keen players travel to snowy mountainside retreats to engage in the activity. It is mostly prevalent in the United States, France, and Switzerland. 

Skiing is very expensive. If you go to the mountain where such competitions or recreational activities are held, it will cost you at least $100 per day. It is very costly because it usually takes place in areas where foul-wheelers are not allowed or are inaccessible. Hence, the daily lift fee can be quite high. 

Skiers today have record speeds of 130 kilometres per hour in global competitions. Moreover, ski jumpers have recorded distances of 830 feet and more. Further, there are many variations of snow skiing competitions. They are downhill, ski jumping, moguls, and slalom. 


These are some of the elite sports played by the wealthy lot. While they seem fun and interesting, they require a lot of investment and time. Hence, the arena of elite sports is a completely different world of activities that only a few are privileged to engage in. 

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