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List of books by Charles Stross

List of Books by Charles Stross with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Charles Stross. Find my selection in date order of Charles Stross books.

Charles Stross List of Books to Read

Singularity Sky Books

Singularity Sky    (2003)   

Iron Sunrise         (2004)   

Merchant Princes Books

The Family Trade              (2004)   

The Hidden Family            (2005)   

The Clan Corporate          (2006)   

The Merchants’ War        (2007)   

The Revolution Business (2009)   

The Trade of Queens       (2010)   

Laundry Files Books

The Atrocity Archives       (2004)   

The Jennifer Morgue       (2006)   

Overtime             (2010)   

Down on the Farm           (2010)   

The Fuller Memorandum               (2010)   

The Apocalypse Codex    (2012)   

Equoid   (2013)   

The Rhesus Chart              (2014)   

The Annihilation Score    (2015)   

The Nightmare Stacks     (2016)   

The Delirium Brief            (2017)   

The Labyrinth Index         (2018)   

Laundry Files Collections

Three Tales from the Laundry Files             (2014)   

Halting State Books

Halting State       (2007)   

Rule 34  (2011)   

Freyaverse Books

Saturn’s Children               (2008)   

Neptune’s Brood              (2013)   

Empire Games Books

Empire Games    (2017)   

Dark State           (2018)   

Standalone Novels

Accelerando       (2005)   

Glasshouse          (2006)   

Missile Gap         (2006)   

Scratch Monkey (2011)   

The Rapture of the Nerds            (2012) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Approaching Xanadu        (1989)   

Festival of Fools (2002)   

Palimpsest           (2011)   

A Tall Tail             (2012)   

Jury Service         (2015)   

Appeals Court     (2015)   

Short Story Collections

Toast     (2002)   

Wireless               (2009)   

Non-Fiction Books

The Web Architect’s Handbook    (1996)   

List of books by Charles Stross

So there you have a list of book and date of publication from the Author Charles Stross.

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