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List of books by Charles De Lint

List of Books by Charles De Lint with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Charles De Lint. Find my selection in date order of Charles De Lint books.

Charles De Lint List of Books to Read

 Moonheart Books

Moonheart         (1984)   

Ascian in Rose    (1986)   

Westlin Wind      (1989)   

Ghostwood         (1990)   

Spiritwalk            (1992)   

 Cerin Songweaver Books

The Harp of the Grey Rose            (1985)   

Ghosts of Wind and Shadow         (1990)   

 Jack Of Kinrowan Books

Jack the Giant Killer          (1987)   

Drink Down the Moon     (1990)   

 Philip Jose Farmer’s The Dungeon Books

The Valley of Thunder     (1989)   

The Hidden City  (1990)   

 Dragonflight Books

The Dreaming Place         (1990)   

 Newford Books

Dreams Underfoot           (1993)   

Memory and Dream         (1994)   

The Ivory and the Horn   (1995)   

Trader   (1997)   

Someplace to Be Flying   (1998)   

Moonlight and Vines        (1999)   

Forests of the Heart         (2000)   

The Onion Girl    (2001)   

Tapping the Dream Tree (2002)   

The Hour Before Dawn   (2005)   

Widdershins        (2006)   

Muse and Reverie             (2009)   

Newford Stories: Crow Girls         (2015)   

 Brian Froud’s Faerielands Books

The Wild Wood  (1994)   

 Wildlings Books

Under My Skin    (2012)   

Over My Head    (2013)   

Out Of This World            (2014)   

 Standalone Novels

The Riddle of the Wren   (1984)   

Mulengro            (1985)   

Yarrow  (1986)   

Greenmantle      (1988)   

Wolf Moon         (1988)   

Svaha    (1989)   

Angel of Darkness            (1990)   

Uncle Dobbins Parrot Fair              (1991)   

The Little Country             (1991)   

Our Lady of the Harbour (1991)   

From a Whisper to a Scream         (1992)   

The Wishing Well              (1993)   

Into the Green    (1993)   

I’ll Be Watching You         (1994)   

The Buffalo Man               (1999)   

Road to Lisdoonvarna     (2001)   

Seven Wild Sisters            (2002)   

Spirits in the Wires           (2003)   

Medicine Road   (2004)   

The Blue Girl       (2004)   

Little (Grrl) Lost  (2007)   

Promises to Keep              (2007)   

Dingo    (2008)   

The Mystery of Grace      (2009)   

Eyes Like Leaves               (2009)   

The Painted Boy (2010)   

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest   (2013)   

Jodi and the Witch of Bodbury     (2014)   

The Wind in His Heart      (2017)   

 Short Stories/Novellas

Timeskip              (1989)   

Paperjack            (1990)   

Where Desert Spirits Crowd the Night       (1995)   

Old Man Crow    (2007)   

Yellow Dog         (2008)   

The Butter Spirit’s Tithe   (2012)   

Companions to the Moon             (2012)   

Crow Roads        (2012)   

Dharma (2012)   

That Was Radio Clash      (2012)   

Dog Boys             (2012)   

Jack in the Green              (2012)   

Riding Shotgun   (2015)   

Somewhere in My Mind There is a Painting Box     (2016)   

 Short Story Collections

Hedgework and Guessery              (1991)   

Triskell Tales       (1993)   

Waifs and Strays               (2002)   

A Handful of Coppers      (2003)   

Quicksilver and Shadow  (2005)   

Triskell Tales 2    (2005)   

What the Mouse Found  (2008)   

Woods and Waters Wild (2008)   

The Very Best of Charles de Lint  (2010)   

 Picture Books

A Circle of Cats  (2003)   

 Chapter Books

This Moment      (2005)   

List of books by Charles De Lint

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Charles De Lint.

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