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List of books by Celia Kyle

List of Books by Celia Kyle with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Celia Kyle. Find my selection in date order of Celia Kyle books.

Celia Kyle List of Books to Read

Blackwood Pack Books

Real Men Howl  (2018)   

Real Men Snarl   (2018)   

Real Men Growl (2018)   

Real Men Heal    (2018)   

Real Men Bite     (2018)   

Real Men Claim  ()            

Greer Books

Can’t Bear It       (2010)   

Wary Were         (2010)   

Tresora Books

A Little Bit of Fur               (2012)   

Making Him Purr               (2012)   

Ridgeville Books

He Ain’t Lion       (2014)   

Ball of Furry        (2014)   

Head over Tail    (2014)   

Fierce in Fur        (2014)   

Deuces Wild        (2014)   

Sealed with a Purr            (2014)   

Like a Fox            (2014)   

Big Furry Deal     (2014)   

Lion’s Honor       (2014)   

You’re Lion          (2014)   

Maya     (2014)   

Freaking Purrfect              (2017)   

Knight Protectors Books

Nibbled by the Vamp       (2013)   

Big Bad Vamp     (2013)   

Poking the Vamp              (2016)   

Alpha Marked Books

Scarlet   (2013)   

Gabriella              (2013)   

Whitney               (2013)   

Rebecca               (2014)   

Lorelei   (2015)   

Paisley   (2015)   

Grayslake Books

No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About it     (2013)   

All Roar and No Bite        (2014)   

Roaring Up the Wrong Tree          (2014)   

Love at First Roar             (2014)   

Howl My Name  (2015)   

Quick & Furry Books

Chasing Tail        (2015)   

Tailing Her           (2015)   

On Her Tail          (2015)   

Heads or Tails     (2015)   

Wanting a Mate (2017)   

Hunting a Mate  (2017)   

Protecting a Mate            (2017)   

Buying a Mate    (2017)   

The M&M Mating Agency              (2017)   

Wicked in Wilder Books

Roaring for Him (2015)   

Ujal Series (with Erin Tate) Books

Vados    (2015)   

Tave      (2015)   

Rhal       (2015)   

Erun       (2015)   

Dashing Through the Stars            (2015)   

Tiger Tails Books

You’re Kitten Me               (2015)   

Fast and the Furriest        (2015)   

Caith Morningstar Books

Hell’s Chapel       (2015)   

Hell’s Gates         (2016)   

Made in Hell       (2016)   

Hell Can Wait     (2017)   

Dragons of Preor Books

Jarek      (2016)   

Taulan   (2016)   

Kozav    (2016)   

Rendan (2016)   

Zadri      (2016)   

Hatched               (2016)   

Ivoth      (2017)   

Brukr     (2017)   

A Baby for Chashan          (2017)   

Buchanan Clan Books

Press Paws          (2016)   

Shifter Rogues Books

Wolf’s Mate        (2017)   

Tiger’s Claim       (2018)   

Howls Romance Books

The Werewolf Tycoon’s Baby       (2017)   

The Billionaire Werewolf’s Witch               (2017)   

More Than Mated Books

No Ifs, and, or Bears About It       (2017)   

Standalone Novels

Office Of Kink And Karma              (2008)   

Love Defined      (2010)   

Peerless               (2010)   

Yeti! Were?         (2011)   

Battered Not Broken       (2012)   

Piece of Tail        (2012)   

Alien Commander’s Chosen          (2015)   

Wicked Howl      (2016)   

Not So Little Green Man (2016)   

Dragon Her Feet               (2017)   

Short Stories/Novellas

Ferret You!          (2009)   

Scorcher              (2009)   

Stripped               (2010)   

Wicked Prey        (2011)   

Sexnip   (2012)   

What the Cuff?  (2012)   

Hedging His Bets               (2013)   

Bite Me (2013)   

Holly-Day            (2013)   

Waking Up Were              (2015)   

Sunday Bear-becue          (2016)   

Love Bite             (2016)   

List of books by Celia Kyle

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Celia Kyle.


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