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List of books by Cathy Gillen Thacker

List of Books by Cathy Gillen Thacker with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Cathy Gillen Thacker. Find my selection in date order of Cathy Gillen Thacker books.

Cathy Gillen Thacker List of Books to Read

 Too Many Dads Books

Baby on the Doorstep     (1994)   

Daddy to the Rescue        (1994)   

 Wild West Weddings Books

The Cowboy’s Bride         (1996)   

The Ranch Stud  (1996)   

The Maverick Marriage   (1996)   

Spur-of-the-moment Marriage    (1997)   

 Brides, Babies & Blizzards Books

Snowbound Bride             (1998)   

Hot Chocolate Honeymoon          (1998)   

Snow Baby          (1998)   

 McCabes Of Texas Books

Dr. Cowboy         (1999)   

A Cowboy’s Woman        (1999)   

A Cowboy Kind of Daddy               (1999)   

The Ultimate Texas Bachelor        (2005)   

Santa’s Texas Lullaby       (2005)   

A Texas Wedding Vow     (2006)   

Blame It on Texas             (2006)   

A Laramie, Texas Christmas          (2006)   

From Texas, With Love   (2007)   

Wildcat Cowboy               (2011)   

The Dad Next Door          (2012)   

 Lockharts of Texas Books

The Bride Said, Finally!    (2000)   

The Bride Said, I Did?       (2000)   

The Bride Said, Surprise! (2001)   

The Virgin Bride Said, Wow!         (2001)   

 McCabe Family Books

Texas Vows         (2001)   

 Deveraux Legacy Books

Her Bachelor Challenge  (2002)   

His Marriage Bonus          (2002)   

My Secret Wife  (2002)   

Their Instant Baby            (2002)   

Taking Over the Tycoon  (2003)   

 Brides of Holly Springs Books

The Virgin’s Secret Marriage         (2003)   

The Secret Wedding Wish              (2004)   

The Secret Seduction       (2004)   

Plain Jane’s Secret Life    (2004)   

Her Secret Valentine        (2005)   

 Texas Legacies Carrigans Books

The Rancher Next Door  (2007)   

The Rancher’s Family Thanksgiving            (2007)   

The Rancher’s Christmas Baby      (2007)   

The Gentleman Rancher (2008)   

 Made in Texas Books

Hannah’s Baby   (2008)   

The Inherited Twins         (2008)   

A Baby in the Bunkhouse               (2008)   

Found: One Baby              (2009)   

 Lone Star Dads Club Books

A Baby for Mummy          (2009)   

A Mummy for Christmas (2009)   

Wanted: One Mommy     (2010)   

The Mommy Proposal     (2010)   

 Texas Legacies : The McCabes Books

A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe    (2010)   

One Wild Cowboy            (2011)   

A Cowboy to Marry          (2011)   

 Texas Legends: The McCabes Books

The Texas Cowboy’s Baby Rescue              (2018)   

The Texas Cowboy’s Triplets         (2018)   

 Legends of Laramie County Books

The Reluctant Texas Rancher       (2012)   

The Texas Rancher’s Vow              (2012)   

The Texas Rancher’s Marriage     (2012)   

The Texas Rancher’s Family          (2013)   

 McCabe Homecoming Books

The Texas Lawman’s Woman       (2013)   

The Long, Hot Texas Summer       (2013)   

The Texas Christmas Gift               (2013)   

The Texas Wildcatter’s Baby         (2014)   

 McCabe Multiples Books

Runaway Lone Star Bride               (2014)   

Lone Star Christmas         (2014)   

Lone Star Valentine          (2015)   

Lone Star Daddy               (2015)   

Lone Star Baby   (2015)   

Lone Star Twins (2015)   

 Texas Legacies: The Lockharts Books

A Texas Soldier’s Family  (2016)   

A Texas Cowboy’s Christmas        (2016)   

The Texas Valentine Twins            (2017)   

Wanted: Texas Daddy     (2017)   

A Texas Soldier’s Christmas           (2017)   

 Standalone Novels

Intimate Scoundrels         (1983)   

Touch of Fire      (1983)   

Promise Me Today           (1984)   

Embrace Me Love            (1985)   

Heart’s Journey  (1985)   

A Private Passion              (1985)   

Reach for the Stars          (1985)   

Rogue’s Bargain (1986)   

Family to Treasure           (1987)   

Guardian Angel  (1987)   

Family Affair       (1988)   

Fatal Amusement             (1988)   

Natural Touch    (1988)   

Dream Spinners  (1988)   

Perfect Match    (1988)   

Lifetime Guarantee          (1989)   

Meant to Be       (1990)   

Slalom to Terror               (1990)   

It’s Only Temporary         (1990)   

An Unexpected Family     (1991)   

Tangled Web      (1991)   

Anything’s Possible           (1992)   

The Cowboy’s Mistress   (1992)   

Beguiled Again   (1993)   

Fiance for Sale   (1993)   

Kidnapping Nick (1993)   

Too Many Mums              (1994)   

Jenny and the Fortune Hunter      (1994)   

Love Potion 5     (1994)   

A Shotgun Wedding         (1995)   

His Cinderella     (1999)   

The Heiress         (2003)   

Lost and Found  (2003)   

Christmas Lullaby             (2005)   

A Texas Christmas            (2007)   

Mommy for Hire               (2009)   

Wanted: One Mummy     (2011)   

The Seven-Year Proposal               (2012)   

A Night Worth Remembering       (2012)   

List of books by Cathy Gillen Thacker

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Cathy Gillen Thacker.


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