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List of books by Catherine Cookson

List of Books by Catherine Cookson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Catherine Cookson. Find my selection in date order of Catherine Cookson books.

Catherine Cookson List of Books to Read

Kate Hannigan Books

Kate Hannigan    (1950)   

Kate Hannigan’s Girl         (2000)   

Mary Ann Shaughnessy Books

A Grand Man      (1954)   

The Lord and Mary Ann   (1956)   

The Devil and Mary Ann  (1958)   

Love and Mary Ann          (1961)   

Life and Mary Ann            (1962)   

Marriage and Mary Ann  (1964)   

Mary Ann’s Angels            (1965)   

Mary Ann and Bill             (1967)   

Bill and the Mary Ann Shaughnessy            (1991)   

Mallen Family Books

The Mallen Streak            (1972)   

The Mallen Girls (1973)   

The Mallen Litter              (1974)   

Tilly Trotter Books

Tilly Trotter         (1980)   

Tilly Trotter Wed              (1981)   

Tilly Trotter Widowed     (1982)   

Tilly Alone           (1982)   

Hamilton Books

Hamilton             (1983)   

Goodbye Hamilton           (1984)   

Harold   (1985)   

Bailey Chronicles Books

Bill Bailey             (1986)   

Bill Bailey’s Lot   (1987)   

Bill Bailey’s Daughter       (1988)   

The Bondage of Love      (1997)   

Standalone Novels

The Fifteen Streets           (1952)   

Colour Blind        (1953)   

Maggie Rowan   (1954)   

Rooney (1957)   

The Menagerie   (1958)   

Fanny McBride   (1959)   

Slinky Jane           (1959)   

Fenwick Houses (1960)   

The Garment      (1962)   

Heritage of Folly               (1962)   

The Blind Miller  (1963)   

The House of Men            (1963)   

The House on the Fens    (1963)   

Hannah Massey (1964)   

Matty Doolin      (1965)   

Evil at Roger’s Cross        (1965)   

The Long Corridor            (1965)   

The Unbaited Trap           (1966)   

Katie Mulholland              (1967)   

Joe and the Gladiator      (1968)   

The Round Tower             (1968)   

The Glass Virgin (1969)   

The Nice Bloke   (1969)   

The Invitation     (1970)   

The Nipper          (1970)   

The Dwelling Place           (1971)   

Feathers in the Fire          (1971)   

Pure as the Lily   (1972)   

Blue Baccy          (1972)   

Our John Willie   (1974)   

The Invisible Cord             (1975)   

The Gambling Man           (1975)   

Miss Martha Mary Crawford         (1975)   

Mrs. Flannagan’s Trumpet             (1976)   

The Tide of Life  (1976)   

The Slow Awakening        (1976)   

The Girl (1977)   

Go Tell It to Mrs. Golightly            (1977)   

The Cinder Path (1978)   

The Man Who Cried         (1979)   

Lanky Jones        (1980)   

The Whip             (1982)   

The Black Velvet Gown   (1984)   

A Dinner of Herbs             (1985)   

The Bannaman Legacy    (1985)   

The Moth            (1986)   

The Parson’s Daughter    (1987)   

Rory’s Fortune    (1988)   

The Harrogate Secret      (1988)   

The Winged Assassin       (1988)   

The Cultured Handmaiden             (1988)   

The Spaniard’s Gift           (1989)   

The Black Candle              (1989)   

The Wingless Bird             (1990)   

The Gillyvors       (1990)   

My Beloved Son (1991)   

The Love Child    (1991)   

The Rag Nymph (1991)   

The House of Women     (1992)   

The Maltese Angel           (1992)   

The Year of the Virgins    (1993)   

The Golden Straw             (1993)   

Justice is a Woman          (1994)   

The Tinker’s Girl (1994)   

A Ruthless Need (1995)   

The Obsession    (1995)   

The Upstart         (1996)   

The Branded Man             (1996)   

The Bonny Dawn              (1996)   

The Desert Crop (1997)   

The Lady on My Left        (1997)   

The Solace of Sin              (1998)   

Riley      (1998)   

The Blind Years  (1998)   

The Thursday Friend         (1999)   

A House Divided (1999)   

Rosie of the River             (2000)   

The Silent Lady   (2001)   

Saint Christopher and the Gravedigger      (2017)   

The Rag Maid     (2017)   

Short Story Collections

The Simple Soul and Other Stories              (2001)   

Just a Saying: Her Final Work        (2002)   

Picture Books

Nancy Nutall and the Mongrel     (1982)   

Non-Fiction Books

Our Kate: An Autobiographical Memoir    (1969)   

Catherine Cookson Country          (1986)   

Let Me Make Myself Plain: A Personal Anthology  (1988)   

Plainer Still          (1995)   

My Land of the North: Memories of a Northern Childhood               (1999)   

List of books by Catherine Cookson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Catherine Cookson.

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