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List of books by Carter Dickson

List of Books by Carter Dickson with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Carter Dickson. Find my selection in date order of  Carter Dickson books.

Carter Dickson List of Books to Read

Carter Dickson Sir Henry Merrivale Series Books

The Plague Court Murders             (1934)   

The White Priory Murders             (1934)   

The Red Widow Murders               (1935)   

The Unicorn Murders       (1935)   

The Magic Lantern Murders          (1936)   

The Peacock Feather Murders      (1937)   

The Judas Window           (1938)   

Death in Five Boxes          (1938)   

The Reader is Warned     (1939)   

And So To Murder            (1940)   

Nine and Death Makes Ten           (1940)   

Seeing is Believing            (1941)   

The Gilded Man  (1942)   

She Died a Lady  (1943)   

He Wouldn’t Kill Patience              (1944)   

The Curse of the Bronze Lamp     (1945)   

My Late Wives   (1946)   

The Skeleton in the Clock              (1948)   

A Graveyard to Let           (1949)   

Night at the Mocking Window     (1950)   

Behind the Crimson Blind               (1952)   

The Cavalier’s Cup            (1953)   

Merrivale, March and Murder      (1991)   

Carter Dickson Omnibus Books

Merrivale Holds the Key  (1995)   

Carter Dickson Standalone Novels

The Bowstring Murders   (1934)   

Drop to His Death (with John Rhode)         (1939)   

Fear Is the Same               (1956)   

Carter Dickson Collections

The Department of Queer Complaints       (1940)   

List of books by Carter Dickson

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Carter Dickson.


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