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List of books by Carolyn G. Hart

List of Books by  Carolyn G. Hart with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Carolyn G. Hart. Find my selection in date order of  Carolyn G. Hart books.

Carolyn G. Hart List of Books to Read

Death On Demand Books

Death on Demand            (1987)   

Design for Murder            (1987)   

Something Wicked           (1988)   

Honeymoon with Murder              (1988)   

A Little Class on Murder  (1989)   

Deadly Valentine              (1990)   

The Christie Caper            (1991)   

Southern Ghost  (1992)   

Mint Julep Murder            (1995)   

Yankee Doodle Dead       (1998)   

White Elephant Dead       (1999)   

Sugarplum Dead               (2000)   

April Fool Dead  (2002)   

Engaged to Die  (2003)   

Murder Walks the Plank  (2004)   

Death of the Party            (2005)   

Dead Days of Summer     (2006)   

Death Walked In               (2008)   

Dare to Die         (2009)   

Laughed ‘Til He Died        (2010)   

Dead by Midnight             (2011)   

Death Comes Silently       (2012)   

Dead, White, and Blue    (2013)   

Death at the Door            (2014)   

Don’t Go Home  (2015)   

Walking on My Grave      (2017)   

Henrie O Books

Dead Man’s Island            (1993)   

Scandal in Fair Haven       (1994)   

Death in Lovers’ Lane      (1997)   

Death in Paradise             (1998)   

Death on the River Walk (1999)   

Resort to Murder              (2001)   

Set Sail for Murder           (2007)   

Malice Domestic Books

Malice Domestic 4           (1995)   

Bailey Ruth Books

Ghost At Work   (2008)   

Merry, Merry Ghost         (2009)   

Ghost in Trouble               (2010)   

Ghost Gone Wild              (2013)   

Ghost Wanted    (2014)   

Ghost to the Rescue        (2015)   

Ghost Times Two              (2016)   

Ghost on the Case            (2017)   

Nela Farley Books

What the Cat Saw            (2012)   

Standalone Novels

The Secret of the Cellars (1964)   

Dangeorus Summer         (1968)   

No Easy Answers              (1970)   

Rendezvous in Veracruz  (1972)   

Danger, High Explosives!               (1972)   

Flee from the Past            (1975)   

A Settling of Accounts     (1976)   

Escape from Paris             (1982)   

Castle Rock         (1983)   

The Rich Die Young          (1983)   

Death by Surprise             (1983)   

Skullduggery       (1984)   

The Devereaux Legacy    (1986)   

Brave Hearts       (1987)   

Letter From Home            (2003)   

The Sunken Sailor             (2004)   

Cry in the Night  (2012)   

Cliff’s Edge          (2014)   

High Stakes         (2015)   

Peril Off Padre    (2018)   

Short Story Collections

Crime on Her Mind           (1999)   

Secrets and Other Stories of Suspense      (2002)   

Motherhood is Murder    (2003)   


Crimes of the Heart         (1995)   

Love and Death  (2001)   

Murder Across the Map  (2005)   

Non-Fiction Books

The Sooner Story              (1980)   

Cooks’ Books: A Definitive Collection of 50 Classic Recipes for Everyday Life            (2006)   

Much Depends on Dinner              (2008)   

A Feast of Cooks               (2009)   

List of books by Carolyn G. Hart

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Carolyn G. Hart.

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