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Ten of My Favourite Carol Goodman Quotes 

Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Carol Goodman, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Carol Goodman you will find my Ten favourites of Carol Goodman’s quotes. 

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“Which of us can say what the gods hold wicked?”
Carol Goodman

 “You told me trees could speak
and the only reason one heard
silence in the forest
was that they had all been born knowing different languages.

That night I went into the forest
to bury dictionaries under roots,
so many books in so many tongues
as to insure speech.

and now this very moment,
the forest seems alive
with whispers and murmurs and rumblings of sound
wind-rushed into my ears.

I do not speak any language
that crosses the silence around me
but how soothing to know
that the yearning and grasping embodied
in trees’ convoluted and startling shapes
is finally being fulfilled
in their wind shouts to each other.

Yet we who both speak English
and have since we were born
are moving ever farther apart
even as branch tips touch.”
― Carol Goodman, The Drowning Tree

“Hush, hush, my bonnie sweet lamb. Tho’ my ship must sail in the morning, I will be with you When the salt spray fans the shore, I will be with you When the wind blows the heather, I will be with you when the dove sings her song, Sing ba la loo laddie, sing ba la loo dear Hush, hush, my bonnie sweet lamb.”
― Carol Goodman, The Angel Stone

 “Little Red Riding Hood got what she deserved. You don’t go walking in the woods alone if you want to avoid wolves.”
I was about to say something in response, but Nicky Ballard did it for me. “You could say that about the wolf, too. If you go around attacking defenseless girls, you can expect payback.”
― Carol Goodman, The Angel Stone

 “I think that sometimes when you get used to a bad thing — like being in prison or getting kidnapped by fairies — it’s better to live with that bad thing than trying to change it. Because what if you get to chance to change it and you mess up? What if it’s your last chance?”
― Carol Goodman

 “There’s always that first step in skating, from dry ground to slick ice, when it just seems impossible. Impossible that two thin blades of metal will support you, impossible that because its molecules have begun to dance a little slower water will hold you up.”
― Carol Goodman, The Lake of Dead Languages

“I told him then that I loved him.
“Because I’ve read Jane Eyre?” he asked incredulously. “Not because I realized the voice really was yours and ran down the hill to find you?”
“Both,” I told him. “But mostly because of Jane Eyre.”
― Carol Goodman, River Road

 “Holy shit!” Moondance swung around, her face now streaked with the ashy remains of the nephilim, her eyes wide at the sight of me. “Callie’s back, and she brought a laser gun!”
― Carol Goodman, The Angel Stone

“yes, he had been preoccupied, but hadn’t that been what I was looking for–someone who wouldn’t pay too much attention, someone who wouldn’t look at me to closely?”
― Carol Goodman, The Lake of Dead Languages

“Touched by an angel, my ass!” roared the woman, whom I recognized despite the ash covering her face: Moondance. “I’ll touch you, asshole!” She fired again.”
― Carol Goodman , The Angel Stone

10 Famous Quotes by Author Carol Goodman

So there you have it my Ten favourite quotes by Carol Goodman, please comment below and share your favourite quotes by the fantastic author Carol Goodman.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Carol Goodman. 

One Final Bonus – Carol Goodman Quote 

“ I am glad when we enter the conference room that Chihiro made sure I wasn’t late to the meeting. Not only does my appearance cut short several whispered confabs in the corners of the room (confirming her suspicion that people would have used my lateness as a chance to talk about me), but I also get to take my favorite seat: at the far end of the table next to my favorite monkey.

I’ve never quite understood how the monkeys got here. The fresco on the ceiling of this room –originally the formal dining room- is modeled on the one in the formal dining room at La Civetta. It depicts a lemon-covered pergola in a garden. An assortment of birds –doves, sparrows, and long-tailed peacocks – roost on the wooden struts. In the original fresco, fat cupids also frolic amidst the greenery, their chubby feet dangling precariously from their perches. In one corner a plaster foot even protrudes from the frescoed surface. In this New York version of the fresco, there are monkeys instead of cupids: monkeys peering out between leafy branches and monkeys dangling by their tails from the wooden slats of the pergola. If you look carefully (and I have had ample opportunity through long and tedious budget reviews to examine every inch of the palatial room), you can even find a few monkeys that have climbed down from the pergola and found their way into the formal dining room to perform rude and unspeakable acts… My favorite monkey, though, is the little one who peers out from behind the leafy fronds of an aspidistra, making an obscene gesture I have seen only on the streets of Italy. I always sit right next to him. He gives me some relief for the sentiments I am unable to express in the course of department meetings.”

― Carol Goodman

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