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Candis Terry, a writer whom I am guessing you love? Here are our 10 best Candis Terry quotes for you to enjoy. At Australia Unwrapped we believe every book has at least one quotable line, and our mission is to find them all. Here you will find Candis Terry’s top 10 popular and famous quotes. Like every good writer Candis Terry made a number of memorable quotes, here are some of our favourites: 

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“Understanding the situation was a start. Followed up by a number of tactics that all included love and patience.”
Candis Terry, Somebody Like You

 “The multicolored kitten snuggled between her breasts.

Lucky cat.

“I thought maybe something like….Sweetums.”

“What? That’s a wussy name. She’d totally get her ass kicked by all the other neighborhood cats. You can’t call her…that. See I can’t even say it. It’s too ridiculous.”

Abby chuckled, and the sound drifted over him like a warm breeze.

“I suppose you want me to call her Rowdy, or Bullet or Chainsaw,” she said.

“Those aren’t bad.” He liked it when she teased him. “Maybe you could name her something like Flash, or Blaze, or Storm.

“Or maybe I could call her pooty pie.”

“Oh my God.” He slapped his forehead. “You’re killing me. You’d be better off sticking with Sweetums.”

“Ha!” She pointed her finger at him. “You said it.” Before he could wrap his hand around that finger and pull her against him, he gave the kitten-who purred contentedly between Abby’s breasts-a rub between the ears.

Lucky damn cat.”
― Candis Terry, Sweetest Mistake

“Thanks, you guys.” Fiona smiled. “I haven’t been with anyone since Jackson and I split. I hate to act like such a hoochie mama, but—“

“Hey. There’s a little hoochie mama in all of us,” Charli said. “Didn’t I tell you how I finally got Reno to make the big move?”


“The famous Wilder barbecue party? While we were dancing, I conveniently told him I’d forgotten to put panties on under my dress. He could barely keep his hands to himself. Then I told him if he was interested, I’d meet him back at his house.”

“Oooh, devious.” Abby laughed. “Was there any rubber left on his tires?”

“Nope.” Charli grinned. “But that was one hoochie-mama move I’ll never regret.”
― Candis Terry, Sweetest Mistake

 “Her heart sprang up into her throat.

Watching that shadow play was like paying a quarter for a peep show. Only she got it for free.

He thinks I’m pretty.

Butterflies did a dance around her heart before she could swat them away.

Behind the shade. his shadow unbuttoned those soft, worn, butt-hugging jeans and slid them down his lean hips. Charli sucked in a big gulp of air, then headed back to the veranda and her glass of wine.

With all the estrogen doing a conga line through her blood, she needed a drink.

Well, she really needed something else.

But she’d settle for a drink.”
― Candis Terry, Anything but Sweet

 “Have you ever been in love, Alison?” He leaned in and draped his arm along the back of her chair. “I’m not talking about a crush or infatuation. I’m talking about where you’d do anything for someone. Can’t stop thinking about them. Be there if they were sick or just needed a shoulder to lean on. Someone you wanted to wake up to every single day and couldn’t wait until you saw them again at night. Someone who made you feel like you’re everything you’ve ever wanted to be.”
― Candis Terry, Something Sweeter

 “A gray V-neck T-shirt hugged his wide shoulders and broad chest, then hung loose over his tight abdomen. a pair of worn Levi’s lovingly cupped his generous package, embraced long legs, and broke across the tops of well-worn cowboy boots. Jackson had the type of physique that made a woman’s girl parts tingle. She’d have to be dead not to include herself in that party. Especially since her girl parts had been told “No” way too many time sin recent years.”
― Candis Terry, Sweetest Mistake

“I just meant that a guy who’s guarded his heart for so long might not be in the best position to judge.”


“Sorry.” She reached across the cab of the truck and caressed his arm. “I promise to take the sting out of that owie remark as soon as I get you naked.”

A grin shot to his face. “Now you’re talkin’ my kind of language.”
― Candis Terry, Sweetest Mistake

 “You are a moron.

Jackson wanted to bash the message into his head. Because obviously his brain wasn’t going to be of any help in the matter. And God knew his friend that lived behind the zipper of his jeans was clueless.”
― Candis Terry, Sweetest Mistake

“A rumble gurgled through the space between them.

“Was that you?”

She looked down. “Was that me?”

“That noise. It sounded like a growl.”

Well according to you, I am a ferocious car burglar.”
― Candis Terry, Anything but Sweet

“Sometimes you just have to let it all go.” His broad shoulders came up in a shrug. “Take a chance. See where it will take you.”
― Candis Terry, Something Sweeter

10 Famous Quotes by Author Candis Terry

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One Final Bonus – Candis Terry Quote 

“Oh. I get it.” Abby laughed. “This is where you bid on someone to wash your car.”

“Naked,” Charli said.

“Or check the shower tiles.”

“Also naked.”

Abby laughed. “I’m guessing that as long as there’s wet and naked, we’re all good.”

Fiona let out a long sigh.

“What was that?” Charli asked with a lift to her perfect brows. “Have you got a victim—I mean a participant in mind?”

Fiona glanced across the hall. “Have you seen Jackson’s fireman buddy?”

“No.” Charli looked across the room. “Should we?”

“Too late,” Fiona said. “I’ve got first dibs.”

At that moment, Abby noticed the Wilder boys walk across the front of the room near the stage. Individually, they were stunning. As a group, they looked as appetizing as a decadent box of chocolates. Abby couldn’t tear her eyes away from Jackson. Put him in a fireman suit, a tux jacket and jeans, or a simple T-shirt and cargo shorts, and he took her breath away.

Truthfully, she liked him best in noting at all.

“Holy guacamole.” Charli gestured to a tall, dark, and devastating man walking with the group. “Is that who you are talking about?”

Fiona nodded. “I want to lick him up one side and down the other like a cherry Popsicle.”

“Honey, you bid as high as you can go,” Charli said. “And if you run out of money, you just let me know. I’d be happy to chip in.”
― Candis Terry, Sweetest Mistake

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