Can Andrea Leadsom be the Next Conservative Party Leader?

Can Andrea Leadsom be the Next Conservative Party leader?

Andrea Leadsom is the latest politician to announce her intention to take over as the Conservative party leader.

The energy minister was a key figure in the successful leave EU referendum. While declaring her bid, Ms Leadsom said that it is about time to make the most of the referendum.

She did not leave her many Twitter followers unaware of the happenings.

Here is her twitter post:

Andrea Twitter

Live twitter poll on next conservative leader and PM

Her supporters quickly reacted to the news on twitter with shares and positive feedback.

What Makes Her Fit For The Job?

One of the top things working in Andrea’s favor is her positive attitude. Immediately after winning the Brexit, she did not take time to be discriminatory. Andrea wrote a comment in a local daily in which she said:

“There is no longer any such thing as a Brexit MP or Remain MP. The people gave us their instructions and our job is to be “implementer MPs”, working together to deliver the promise and potential of our great country. We need a carefully negotiated exit from the EU.”

With that kind of approach, she is set to get the favor of the Remain campaigners. She already enjoys a strong backing of the Leave team.

Leadsom has also been keen to keep off from controversial bills. During the Same Sex Couples Bill, she wanted to vote no but later on opted to abstain. Supporting her new position, she said that voting no or yes to a matter of so much importance to the minority homosexual couples was tearing her apart. She further said the same issue risked the stands of the faith-based belief in marriage.


Andrea Leadsom’s Political Journey

Ms Andrea assumed office on 11th May 2015 under the premiership of David Cameron. Amber Rudd had preceded her as the Minister of State for Energy. She was previously an Economic Secretary to the Treasury before taking over this leadership.

Her political journey started in 2003 where she was a Councilor on South Oxford shire District Council. She contested Knowsley South constituency in the 2005 general election and was a member of the Conservative A-List. She was chosen to stand as the candidate in the newly created South Northamptonshire constituency in June 2006 and was elected at the 2010 general election with a majority of more than 20,000.

When she became part of the House of Commons, she was selected in to the Treasury Select Committee.

She got re-elected in 2015 as the MP for South Northamptonshire, with a total of 36, 607 votes. Her closest rival managed 10, 191 votes.

Andrea was transferred on 7th May 2015 to the Ministry of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change from Economic Secretary.

Immediately after David Cameron announcing his resignation, her supporters and political analysts linked her to the premiership post. She has quickly risen to be a favorite in becoming the Conservative party leader.

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Andrea Leadsom the next British Prime Minister?





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