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Campion College has recently launched its first-ever postgraduate course. Campion College is a catholic tertiary institution that is located in western Sydney. The system is an online graduate certificate in religious education that focuses on primary school teachers. However, university undergraduates passionate about theology and would love to equip themselves with the necessary qualifications can apply.


Overview of the course

The graduate certificate in religious education is designed to serve a dual purpose. Firstly, to serve as a professional development qualification for primary teachers with a background in theology studies. Secondly, it can be the basis of foundation for students with no prior skills in theology studies to gain theoretical and real-world skills in Religious Education.

Which is true to the college’s president Dr Paul Morrissey.

He states that “This course, developed with the expertise of Professor Gerard O’Shea, offers teachers the intellectual and practical skills to excel in RE. “

At the end of the course, the graduates will undertake professional work related to their specialization and use it to further studies.

Course outline

The course consists of four compulsory units, either completed concurrently for full-time students or in any other sequence for part-time students. The student needs a grade of a pass or higher in all four units to complete the course. The units offered are; the historical context of catholic teaching, catechesis in sacramental theology, challenges and strategies in religious education, introduction to biblical studies.

All lecture material will be made available to the students before the weekly classes, which will be conducted through a Zoom video conferencing platform. Also, before the unit, the students will have a one-hour synchronous online tutorial.

Applications are to be made directly through the Campion college website, with the deadline set at mid-February for the first semester. Upon successfully submitting a complete application, a maximum of 10 days is needed for the admission process. Before admission, the tuition fee can be paid fully or partially through FEE-HELP. However, FEE-HELP is currently unavailable, but students might receive funding as part of the diocesan professional development initiative.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the course, the student needs to have an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution or proof of sufficient professional experience related to the field. It is a requirement for the applicant to be highly proficient in the English language. An interview process will also be conducted before admission. During the interview, the applicant will be expected to demonstrate; a clear comprehension of the course outline and expectations, commitment to study, effective communication skills, and concurrent ability to work independently and as a team player.

Recognition for Prior Learning

For students who have acquired prior formal studies, they might be academically exempted from some units. The applicants who qualify for recognition for prior learning are exempted from one unit of study. The following criteria are used for awarding academic credit;

  • Applicants who are currently working as Religious Education teachers with certification to teach at a catholic school.
  • Applicants who have completed an undergraduate program in theology.
  • Graduates of Campion college bachelor of arts with a minor in arts.

Notably, recognition for prior learning can only be considered after successful enrolment to the college.

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