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List of books by C.J. Cherryh

List of Books by C.J. Cherryh with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, C.J. Cherryh. Find my selection in date order of C.J. Cherryh books.

C.J. Cherryh List of Books to Read

Morgaine Books

Gate of Ivrel   (1976) 

Well of Shiuan            (1978) 

Fires of Azeroth          (1979) 

Exile’s Gate     (1988) 

Hanan Rebellion Books

Brothers of Earth       (1976) 

Hunter of Worlds       (1977) 

Faded Sun Books

Kesrith (1978) 

Shon’Jir           (1979) 

Kutath (1980) 

Alliance-Union Books

Serpent’s Reach          (1980) 

Forty Thousand in Gehenna (1983) 

Hinder Stars Books

Alliance Stars  (2019) 

Chanur Books

The Pride of Chanur   (1981) 

Chanur’s Venture       (1984) 

The Kif Strike Back      (1985) 

Chanur’s Homecoming          (1986) 

Chanur’s Legacy          (1992) 

Alliance-Union: Company Wars Books

Downbelow Station   (1981) 

Merchanter’s Luck      (1982) 

Rimrunners     (1989) 

Heavy Time     (1991) 

Hellburner      (1992) 

Tripoint           (1994) 

Finity’s End     (1997) 

Company Wars Books

The novels Heavy Time and Hellburner are the first two novels in the series in chronological order. The rest are the same as the publication order.

Age Of Exploration Books

Port Eternity   (1982) 

Voyager in Night        (1984) 

Cuckoo’s Egg   (1985) 

Arafel/Ealdwood Books

The Dreamstone        (1983) 

The Tree of Swords and Jewels         (1983) 

Heroes In Hell Books

The Gates of Hell       (1986) 

Rebels in Hell (1986) 

Masters in Hell           (1987) 

Kings in Hell    (1987) 

Legions of Hell            (1987) 

Merovingen Nights Books

Festival Moon (1987) 

Fever Season  (1987) 

Troubled Waters        (1988) 

Smuggler’s Gold         (1988) 

Divine Right    (1989) 

Flood Tide      (1990) 

Endgame         (1991) 

Alliance-Union: Cyteen Books

The Betrayal   (1989) 

The Rebirth    (1989) 

The Vindiction            (1989) 

Regenesis        (2009) 

Rusalka Books

Rusalka           (1989) 

Chernevog      (1990) 

Yvgenie           (1991) 

Sword Of Knowledge Books

A Dirge for Sabis         (1989) 

Wizard Spawn            (1989) 

Reap the Whirlwind      (1989) 

Foreigner Books

Foreigner        (1994) 

Invader           (1995) 

Inheritor         (1996) 

Precursor        (1999) 

Defender         (2001) 

Explorer          (2002) 

Destroyer        (2005) 

Pretender       (2006) 

Deliverer         (2007) 

Conspirator    (2009) 

Deceiver          (2010) 

Betrayer          (2011) 

Intruder          (2012) 

Protector        (2013) 

Peacemaker    (2014) 

Tracker            (2015) 

Visitor (2016) 

Convergence   (2017) 

Emergence      (2018) 

Resurgence     (2020) 

Finisterre Books

Rider at the Gate       (1995) 

Cloud’s Rider  (1996) 

Fortress Books

Fortress in the Eye of Time   (1995) 

Fortress of Eagles       (1998) 

Fortress of Owls         (1998) 

Fortress of Dragons    (2000) 

Fortress of Ice (2006) 

Gene Wars Books

Hammerfall    (2001) 

Forge of Heaven         (2004) 

Hinder Stars Books

Alliance Rising            (2019) 

Standalone Novels

Hestia (1979) 

Wave Without a Shore          (1981) 

Glass and Amber        (1987) 

The Paladin    (1988) 

The Goblin Mirror      (1992) 

Faery in Shadow         (1993) 

Lois and Clark (1996) 

Short Story Collections

Sunfall (1981) 

Alien Stars      (1985) 

Visible Light    (1986) 

The Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryh  (2004) 

List of books by C.J. Cherryh

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author C.J. Cherryh.


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