Business Startup Australia: Registering Your Business

Registering Your Business. In the last few articles on the topic, Business Start-up in Australia, we have talked about the phase “Before starting your business” and now it is time to start discussing what you need to start your business such as registering your ABN, TFN and GST, registering your business name, protecting your intellectual property, your taxation obligations and so forth.

In Australia, when you are ready to start your business, there are a number of registrations that you need to complete. Remember the article about business structure? The number of registrations depends mainly on the business structure you have chosen for your business.

 Registering Your Business – A Company vs. a Business Name


  • A legal entity in its own
  • It has some specific responsibilities and obligations

Business Name:

  • Not an entity in its own right
  • The holder of the business name is legally responsible for the business
  • The holder can be an individual, a partnership, a company, an incorporated association or a trust

Before you can apply for a business name, you are required to have an ABN or an ABN application number.

Registering Your Business – ABN, Australian Business Number:

The ABN is required if you intend to register your business for Goods and Services Tax (GST) or if you are carrying on an enterprise.

Registering Your Business –  Tax File Number (TFN):

If you are a Sole trader, you can use your existing personal TFN when in business. On the other hand, if you chose to be in partnership, trust or a company, then you will need a TFN.

  • Sole Traders: Phone the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on (1300 720 092) for a paper application.
  • Partnerships, trusts and companies: apply for a TFN on the ABN application form at


You only need to register for a GST in one of two cases;

1- If you have or expect to have GST turnover of $75,000 or more.

2- If you provide taxi travel or are a car hire operator regardless of the GST turnover.

Here is how you can obtain your GST:

 Registering Your Business – PAYG, PAY AS YOU GO WITHHOLDING

You must have a PAYG withholding if you;

1- Have employees or pay employees of another business.

2- Operate your business as a company.

3- Work with contractors.

And here is how to get your PAYG:

  • You can register for PAYG withholding on the ABN application form located at
  • The PAYG withholding booklet is also available at

  • For inquiries, call (13 28 66)

Finally, we would recommend you to have an ABA, Australian Business Account, where it helps you manage your business interactions with all levels of government. Have a look at the link below;

We wish you the best of luck with your venture.

Australia-Unwrapped Team

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