Business Startup Australia – Whether you are an entrepreneur with a passion for business, an experienced employee who believes it is time to start his or her own company or just an ambitious person with a good idea that you believe has a demand in today’s market, this series of articles will help you get on the right foot by providing the necessary information you need to make your start-up business in Australia a success.

I know how excited you are right now but before you start setting up your business; take a few minutes to reflect on what I’m about to say which I assure you, will save you time, effort and money. This series Business Startup Australia will help guide you on your pathway to a successful business.

Business Startup Australia – Questions to ask yourself!

Before you go on with the rest of the article/series, take a few minutes and answer these questions;

  • Are you a real entrepreneur?
  • Does your business idea help improve people’s lives in some way?
  • Can you make a profit out of the product or service?
  • Do you have a business plan in place?
  • Have you identified your market?
  • Do you have a support system?
  • Have you selected a name for your business?
  • Do you have the proper training?
  • How big is your network?
  • Are you planning on having website?
  • Have your thought about your social life?

Spend some time reflecting on the above questions and any other types of inquiries you might have in mind then keep reading our series and take notes. At the end of the series, please share your ideas and post your questions and we will be here to assist you along the way.

The following sections will be covered in this series but more ideas will be added as we receive your inputs;

1- Before starting your business:

  • Getting help and support
  • Deciding on your business structure
  • Planning your business
  • Obtaining finance

2- Starting your business:

  • Registering your business name
  • Understanding Australian Taxes

3- Home-based business:

  • License and permits
  • Taxes
  • Insurance

4- Online business

5- Legal requirements:

  • Laws, licenses, registrations and leases.
  • CCA, Competition & Consumer Act 2010
  • ACL, Australian Consumer Law

6- Insurance

7- Running your business:

  • Employer obligations
  • WHS, Work Health & Safety obligations
  • Importing/Exporting goods or services

The order of these articles is not arbitrary so feel free to skip the sections you don’t need at the moment. Please let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for and we will be more than happy to assist you throughout your journey.

Your feedback and participation is highly appreciated.

We wish you the best of luck with your venture.

Australia-Unwrapped Team

Ensure you follow the complete series to help promote success.

Part Two - Business Startup Australia: Getting Help and Support 
Part Three - Business Startup Australia: Business Structure
Part Four - Business Startup Australia: Business Plan
Part Five - Business Startup Australia: Obtaining Finance
Part Six - Business Startup Australia: Registering Your Business
Part Seven - Business Startup Australia: Registering Business Name
Part Eight - Business Startup Australia: Understanding Australian Taxes
Part Nine - Business Startup Australia: Home-based Business
Part Ten - Business Startup Australia: Online Business
Part Eleven - Business Startup Australia: Employing People
Part Twelve - Business Startup Australia: Workplace Health & Safety
Part Thirteen - Business Startup Australia: Online Marketing
Part Fourteen - Business Startup Australia: Securing Your Online Business
Part Fifteen - Business Startup Australia: Importing 
Part Sixteen - Business Startup Australia: Exportation

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