Brixton Riots London England the Police a Laughing Stock

London is Lost to Rioters in Brixton

The UK appears to have lost control of its streets following the breakdown of an unlawful street party into chaos. Brixton is known for its multicultural harmony and a shining example of London in the 21st century. However tonight it has been shown as lawless, with Brixon residents seemingly surrendered by police to a baying mob.

On the Back of lockdown, social distancing and the UK population, on the whole, doing the right thing, it appears that some Englishmen and Women have decided to take the rule of law into their own hands and party like it’s 1999. Unfortunately, this party has left up to 30 police officers injured. Society as we know it appears to be breaking down, and what message this sends is difficult to understand. The law must be respected, but does that only apply to easy targets?

Brixton Street Party Turned Riot

Make no mistake people are not fools and this duality of the law is not going unnoticed, however, the answers seem allusive, on one hand, we have huge fines to family day-trippers to the Brecon Beacons. While on the other rioters running across London seemingly unchecked. Policing is by consent of the people, however, the law is the law and must be applied equally or else the social contract is broken.

May God, help England and it’s people.

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