British Expatriates – Supporting Brexit?

British Expatriates – Show Support Towards Brexit

British Expatriates – Show support towards Brexit.  At least 5 million Britons live overseas, they are hard working, well educated, contributing members of the societies they join. The Expatriot community also, just so happen to be a sizable portion of the population eligible to vote in the upcoming EU referendum. This is your opportunity to support the UK and help achieve our homelands dream of self determination.

Australia  –  1,300,00 +

United States – 678,000 +

Canada – 603,000 +

Ireland – 291,000 +

New Zealand – 215,000 +

South Africa – 212,000 +

These figures are at the lowest end of estimates!

British Expatriates – Show support towards Brexit

Many Britons left for adventure, employment opportunities, improved lifestyle, however many expatriates talk about a loss of identity of Britain, political correctness, overcrowding, completion for seeing a Dr, overcrowding at schools. One thing is for sure, most of us never forget our roots, our families, our favorite pubs, our communities, and football teams.

“You can take the Brit out of Britain but you can’t take The British soul out of the Brit”

British Expatriates – Show Support Towards Brexit

Through a global network, the overwhelming majority of expats that I have dealing with talk with a excitement and passion when discussing the possibility of the UK leaving the EU and reengaging the world stage again. Many even comment, they may even return home, top help in the shaping of the post EU dominated Britain.

How to ensure your vote is counted is simple:

Use this service to apply to register to vote or to:

  • update your name, address or other details on the electoral register
  • change your voting preferences
  • Review the register details open register

Takes around 5 minutes.


The following maybe required:

  • National Insurance number
  • Passport

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in elections and referendums. You don’t need to register again if you’re already on the electoral register.


British Expatriates – Show support for Brexit

Following your registration – You may want to know more about the issues affecting Britain?

Check out Australia Unwrapped Archive for British Expats for some up to date information!

With a large and loyal Expat community, the time has never been better for the UK to reengage with the world, the already have exported the most important asset highly skilled, dedicated professionals! Now is the time to tap into that market, those connections. Trade partnerships made by Britain for the benefit of Britain, could lead to reduced regulation, less red tape, more consumer engagement and a fighting chance at once again becoming a world player.

British Expatriates – Show support towards Brexit

British Expatriates – Show Support Towards Brexit

Overcrowded schools system discussed by Simon

UK better off out? Well woul dbe one way of ensuring that the law is made by the British Courts for the British People!

This is good news for expats as makes coming home much cheaper. However Post Brexit when UK booms expect strong rise in the Pound.

UK would be better off with a managed migration system like Australia.

British Expatriates – Show Support Towards Brexit

With evidence mounting, should the UK free itself of red tape, financial burden, and bureaucracy EU brings, the UK set to see positive growth at rates unseen by the remaining members of the growing not so super state. It up to the British people both home and abroad to do vote is best for their country, and vote with both their heads and hearts!  Fortune favors the bold.  It a big world out there time to rejoin it!

Show your support and leave a comment for your overseas countrymen and women!

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