Britain is Open for Business – Peasants Revolt

Britain is Open for Business – The People Have Spoken

Britain is open for Business – British People have spoken with such clarity that the world is in awe. Following a roller-coaster day and sleepless night of relentless campaigning by the Brexiteers, we have our victory. Many of us located throughout the country stayed in close contact throughout the night. Twitter played a huge role in keeping everyone motivated. Huge double bluff undertaken by Nigel Farage was utilised when he stated Leave had lost by a narrow margin.  Indeed I am convinced from my dealing with him over the years, utilized this to ensure the conquest was that much sweeter.

British Euro Referendum Final Results Read:

Remain 48% total vote share

16,141,241 total votes cast

Leave 52% total vote share

17,410,742 total votes cast

All 382 local authorities have declared. Turn out 72.16%

Britain is Open for Business – Peasants Revolt
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A British exit from the European Union sends a load global message! That message is Britain is open for business, the people are united and the new era of prosperity awaits. Norway, India, Australia and China are reportedly keen to exploit opportunities within the UK, with less regulation, more money to spend at home and true sovereignty let there be no doubt Britain is open for Business.

 Britain is Open for Business – What Happens Next

Following a day of celebration, June 23, 2016, will now forever be known as British Independence Day.  While many nations at this critical stage would be wondering what’s next, the British are already onto it. United Kingdom economy is huge, thus free from the shackles of the EU will become a world-beater; furthermore, we have a highly educated, highly motivated populous, who since the dawn of time has always gone beyond the call of duty for their country and fellow countrymen.

Future is not yet written, today we have started a new chapter. Responsibility is now upon each and every Briton home and abroad to keep up the pressure, we are the people, these are our lands. This day forth we shall no longer accept choices that only benefit the super-rich and political elite; we truly are all in this together.

Rule Britannia

Quick Shout Out to some of the Twitter crew I spent the day or night with on tenterhooks:

Knee Deep it was a pleasure.

Another Twitter chatter – Troy always controversial, keeps me on the edge:)

Miss Yoga name Smriti keeping it real

Reality hitting in with me.

Kept it real, Camron true Brit great call man.

Linda always a pleasure:)

 Britain is Open for Business – Onward we Fight

In conclusion, the British outside of the EU is set not only to survive but thrive. Brexit is the first part of our journey towards a New Local Order. Britain where each voice counts, people feel valued, we build a brighter, better, independent Great Britain. Thank you, everyone, for getting out and voting, we have achieved a magnificent dream, thus we have saved our NHS, our nation and our people from certain irrelevance within an EU superstate.

Also see how Australia Unwrapped called the result using local contact and social media:

Exit Polls EU Referendum to close to call

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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