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Brickvention is an annual fan-run Lego conference hosted in Victoria, Australia, that is organised entirely by volunteers. The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne hosts Brickvention every year on the third weekend in January. The dates for Brickvention 2021 were January 17–18, 2021. Brickvention celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016, with over 20,000 people attending to see LEGO installations. 

Do you know? Brickventures a volunteer organisation organises Brickvention. The event is planned and organised by ten volunteers from throughout Victoria over a year. LEGO Models from some of the world’s best LEGO builders have been displayed at Brickvention. From the beginning of Brickvention until 2016, LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught served as a guest judge, deciding on prize winners for the yearly competition for admitted builders.


The Lego Group (trade name: Lego A/S) is a Danish toy manufacturer situated in Billund, Denmark. It makes Lego-branded toys, largely made out of interlocking plastic bricks. Ole Kirk Christiansen launched the firm on August 10, 1932. Lego comes from the Danish words leg godt, which means “play well.” The Lego Group surpassed Mattel as the world’s largest toymaker by revenue in the first half of 2015, with sales of US$2.1 billion, surpassing Mattel’s US$1.9 billion. The Lego Group has created eight Legoland amusement parks across the world. 

Large-scale Lego replicas of renowned monuments and small Lego models of famous cities, as well as Lego themed attractions, may be found in each park. The original Legoland park was created near Billund, Denmark, where Lego was born. Legoland Windsor in England, Legoland California in Carlsbad, California, and Legoland Deutschland in Günzburg, Germany followed. Furthermore, Legoland Sierksdorf started in 1973 and closed in 1976.

Royal Exhibition Building 

The Royal Exhibition Building is the potential World Heritage-listed structure in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, constructed between 1879-1880 as part of the worldwide exhibition movement, which held over 50 exhibits throughout the world between 1851 and 1915. The structure is 150 metres (490 feet) long and is bordered by four city streets, covering around 26 hectares (64 acres). It is located at 9 Nicholson Street in the Carlton Gardens, on the north-eastern border of the central business area, between Victoria, Carlton, and Rathdowne Streets. 

It was constructed to hold the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880–81, and later the much bigger Centennial International Exhibition in 1888 and the ceremonial opening of Australia’s first Parliament in 1901. The structure is a symbol of Victoria’s wealth and pride in the 1870s. Smaller parts and wings of the building were demolished and burned over the twentieth century, but the main structure, known as the Great Hall, was spared.

In the year 2022, Brickvention comes to life for the first time as a globally recognised LEGO AFOL Networking Event. Due to the current Covid immunisation programme, the new Brickvention logo has been introduced. Through lockdowns and the international Covid-19 epidemic, this incredible community performance will celebrate all things LEGO, creativity, and perseverance. Brickvention 2022 will feature hundreds of LEGO fan-built models, builders, community cosplayers, National LEGO Masters stars, and special guests.

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Fun Fact

Who host the Brockvention?

The Brockvention is host entirely by Brickventures and voluneteers.

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