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List of books by Brian Keene

List of Books By Brian Keene with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Brian Keene. Find my selection in date order of Brian Keene books.

Brian Keene List of Books to Read

Rising Books

The Rising     (2003)           

City of the Dead      (2005)           

The Rising: Selected Scenes from the End of the World        (2013)           

Deliverance  (2015)

Earthworm Gods Books

Earthworm Gods     (2006)           

Earthworm Gods: Selected Scenes from the End of the World       (2012)           

Earthworm Gods II: Deluge          (2013)

Clickers Books

Clickers II: The Next Wave            (2008)           

Clickers III: Dagon Rising   (2010)           

Clickers vs. Zombies           (2012)

Levi Stoltzfus Books

Dark Hollow  (2008)           

Ghost Walk  (2008)           

A Gathering of Crows         (2010)           

Last of the Albatwitches   (2014)


Last Zombie Graphic Novels

The Last Zombie      (2011)           

Inferno          (2012)           

Neverland     (2012)           

Before the After      (2013)           

The End         (2013)           

Dead New World    (2015)           

Lost Level Books

The Lost Level          (2014)           

Return to the Lost Level    (2018)           

Hole in the World   (2019)           

King of the Bastards Books

King of the Bastards           (2015)           

Throne of the Bastards      (2017)           

Standalone Novels

Terminal        (2004)           

The Rutting Season            (2006)           

The Hollow   (2006)           

Ghoul (2007)           

Dead Sea       (2007)           

Kill Whitey    (2008)           

Castaways     (2009)           

Urban Gothic           (2009)           

Shades           (2011)           

The Damned Highway        (2011)           

Entombed     (2012)           

An Occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley        (2012)           

The Complex            (2016)           

Pressure        (2016)           

Short Stories/Novellas

The Rise and Fall of Babylon        (2003)           

The Rising: Necrophobia   (2004)           

Halves            (2009)           

Darkness on the Edge of Town    (2010)           

Scratch          (2010)           

The Cage       (2010)           

Dust/Divorcing the Dead  (2010)           

Jack’s Magic Beans (2011)           

Take the Long Way Home (2011)           

Tequila’s Sunrise     (2011)           

Alone (2012)           

Sundancing  (2012)           

The Crane House     (2012)           

The Girl on the Glider        (2013)

Short Story Collections

No Rest for the Wicked     (2001)           

4 x 4   (2001)           

Talking Smack          (2002)           

The Rise and Fall of Babylon        (2003)           

No Rest At All           (2003)           

Fear of Gravity         (2004)           

A Little Silver Book of Streetwise Stories          (2008)           

Unhappy Endings    (2009)           

Infernally Yours       (2009)           

Four Rode Out         (2010)           

Zombies: The Recent Dead           (2011)           

Intermusings            (2012)           

Blood on the Page: The Complete Short Fiction of Brian Keene, Volume 1            (2013)           

Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road         (2013)           

Where We Live and Die     (2015)           

All Dark, All the Time: The Complete Short Fiction of Brian Keene, Volume 2            (2016)           

Standalone Plays

Terminal: The Play  (2008)           

Graphic Novels

Dead of Night: Devil-Slayer           (2009)           

Doom Patrol: Fire Away    (2011)


The Best of Horrorfind       (2001)           

The Best of Horrorfind II   (2003)           

New Dark Voices II  (2009)

Non-Fiction Books

Sympathy for the Devil      (2006)           

Running with the Devil      (2006)           

The New Fear           (2007)           

Leader of the Banned        (2010)           

Trigger Warnings    (2014)

List of books by Brian Keene

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Brian Keene.

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