Brexit Vote – UK Leaves EU? Voters Decide

Brexit Vote; It Is Not About Politicians, It Is About The Masses

There is no divorce that will ever go smoothly with one party winning completely. In a divorce, it is a give and take affair; you win some and you lose some. So no one should only hang on the possible losses that may follow a Brexit vote to leave the EU. Yes there will be losses, but there will also be gains. Don’t let the fear of losses prevent you from making a decision that you know deep within you is the right one. The only problem is that every other person seems to be saying something in favour of why we need to stay in the Union. But if you know deep within you that leaving is right, then you will work to see that it happens.

Politicians come and go. They have agendas that they have to fulfill just so they can impress the populace. They will make decisions they know are wrong just because they had promised the populace during campaign period. Sometimes politicians will do just about anything to get the votes of the people even if it means lying. And mind you, they spend 90% of their days lying. Even if you hear “good morning” from a politician, check to see that it is actually morning. These guys are sweet talkers and they will make you sign your inheritance away for free with a smile on your face.

Brexit Vote - UK Leaves EU? Voters Decide
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Now all attention is centered on the EU referendum and we have been hearing discussions for and against a brexit. Yet we know in our hearts that being in the EU has not done much to make us prosper. Instead we have remained stifled by EU laws and regulations; moving two steps ahead and one step behind. Today the talk is all about the economy and how it will be affected.

What nobody is telling the masses is that nobody really knows what will happen if there was to be a brexit vote to leave the EU. There is really no precedent and anything that is being said now is pure speculations. Those that are arguing for and against are using numbers to make their point. Yet we all know that those are just numbers and in the real world they mean nothing. Anyone can come up with their own numbers to make their point seem tangible. That is to say, it all lies with the masses; those who feel the pinch on a daily basis of the UK being in the EU. These are those who actually know what it means to have to compete for jobs with other Europeans who end up getting the jobs just because they are happy to work on low income.   These are the people who can no longer get the social benefits that they are due just because there are so many other people from the EU clamouring for the same benefits.

Politicians sit in their beautifully adorned offices and talk of problems facing the masses as if they have experienced them. Meanwhile all they know about these problems are what they have been told by their aids. However, you the citizens are the ones who are at the forefront of all that has happened thanks to the UK being in the EU. Of course there have been good fall louts but maybe it is time we stay on our own as a sovereign country.  A brexit vote to leave should not be that bad.

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