Brexit Stay Campaign  – Brexit The Cry For Sovereignty

Brexit The Cry For Sovereignty

Brexit Stay Campaign – Loss of Sovereignty

There are those who claim that the UK had never lost its sovereignty from being in the EU but truth be told it has in more ways than one. True, the UK has been able to reject some EU laws and regulations but that is far as it goes. The EU itself will never let the UK become a “Prima Dona” state simply because it sets a bad precedence for others. You really cannot be in a Union if you cannot agree with most of the Unions laws and regulations. You are either in it or out. It is a wonder how the UK managed to refuse the Schengen visa, and Euro that was accepted by all other members.  Indeed there is enough prove that the UK has been trying to maintain its sovereignty while still remaining in the EU. Even those who are argue for a brexit Stay campaign cannot deny that most of the reforms that Mr. Cameron was asking from the EU were geared towards helping the country maintain its sovereignty.

Brexit Stay Campaign – Mr Gove Makes A Case

According to this article on the Guardian,,  Mr. Gove has made an interesting argument for a brexit leave campaign. According to Mr. Gove, who happens to be in government and seems to be giving the Prime Minister a hard time, appetite for democracy should be at the heart of all talks concerning brexit. Mr, Gove thinks it is wrong that the people can vote someone into office that cannot make a decision without having recourse to EU laws and regulations. No voter will be happy with the fact that the country cannot control its own borders simply because it is part of the EU. There is nothing wrong with having migrants come over into a country but it should be done in a way that benefits not only the individual coming in but also the receiving country.

Fortunately for the leave campaigners, top leaders in the country are coming out to outline reasons why there should be brexit leave vote. It is no longer about economic implications for there will always be implications for the economy whether the UK stays or leaves the EU. It is now about being able to take back control of your laws, of your borders of decisions that may only concern the UK people and hence not benefit the other schengen countries in anyway.

Brexit Stay Campaign – The Road To Independence

There are many that argue that the UK has not lost its sovereignty simply by being in the UK because it is possible for the parliament to repeal the European community act of 1972 and the UK will be out. However, if it were that easy, it would have been done since it would have meant that the Brexit stay campaign would stand a higher chance of winning the vote. The talk on whether or not the UK should leave the EU is actually a cry for sovereignty although the arguments have been distorted to only point towards economic implications. It is a cry of a people to regain their authority in making decisions in matters concerning them.

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