Brexit Social Media Effect

Brexit Social Media Effect – Passion and Belief!

Pro Brexit Social Media Effect – The Vote Leave Campaign has undoubtedly shown more passion, clear patriotism and a firm belief that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, can again become a independent group of nations.  May 1, 1707 is a significant date for people of the UK and for centuries they stood firm, together and made a prosperous and successful nation.

On May 3, 1921 the modern shape of the UK as we know it today was formed, together we created the NHS, Welfare, and together survived many many hardships.   The UK joined without the consent of the people what would become the European Union with Denmark and Ireland on 1 January 1973. Many people believed they where hoodwinked into joining, therefore a post-legislative referendum held on 5 June 1975 in the United Kingdom to gauge support for the country’s continued membership of the European Economic Community (EEC).  Following a what some call a #ProjectFear campaign the British Public voted to remain part of the EEC. Since that fateful day EEC has grown from 9 to 28 members and has changed beyond all recognition from its original foundations.

The Article will review the impact social media has had on the Brexit campaign, and also hypotheses regarding the anti-establishment awakening, and growing democratic deficit many feel exists in modern Britain.

Brexit Social Media Effect – Twitter

Many in Social media have created ad-hock polls, on social media it would be fair to say that the majority of users are Pro Vote leave on 23rd June 2016.

Kate Hoey makes a passionate case for #Brexit and the antidemocratic status of the EU a great speech. The EU is exactly the opposite of a social democracy.

Once again some passionate, educated experiance3d people making a case as why the United Kingdom is Better Off Out!

Opinion polls have also been a matter for debate during this Brexit, the polls have clearly not reflected people on the street and some believe are a toll of manipulation used by the establishment to further is goals of ever a Remain Vote.

One area that is undoubtedly stared up passions has been the fact the EU money pours into organizations that are suppose to be impartial, and then expect people to believe this does not influence the statements of support they make.

The Brexit campaign has also drawn attention of world leaders, many of whom appear to be trying to scare the British people into staying in the EU.


One significant highlight of this campaign has been #Projectfear, the establishment have been  saying anything and erverything in order to scare the British Public into a remain vote. Hear are some examples of both reality and satire.

Brexit Social Media Effect

Many would say the campaign so far has been one of passion and belief in their country by Brexiters, and one of negativity, spin and lies by the Remain camp. The road is long, and the battle has yet to be decided. It is up to the great people of this land to not only spread the word through social media, but to get out there in the real world, celebrate Britain for all its glory and faults. Together we can build a better and brighter future, the question is will be as part of the European Union, or as a free, independent nation trading in partnership with our international partners?

Finished off with Nigal Farage once again nailing it!


Useful Brexit Hashtags – Get the message out

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