Brexit or Bust – #BrexitorBust

Brexit or Bust – #BrexitorBust

Brexit or Bust – #BrexitorBust – The passion of the Brexit camp cannot be understated, there is a positive tempo, and the momentum towards a positive change for the Nation can only be good for the UK. There have been many ups and down throughout the Brexit campaign, with mainstream media and the political elite attempting to create a rift between the respective Vote Leave camps.

Brexit or Bust – #BrexitorBust

However one factor the political establishment does not appear to have taken into account is the power of social media! Social media has provided a forum where people can come together, share views, offer arguments and support for each other, thus allow one to feel connected in an otherwise ever more isolated world.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the major stories featured in today, and have a quick look and the good the bad and the ugly of opinions on Social Media.

Brexit or Bust – #BrexitorBust – The News Stories

The Independent is reporting, that the higher turnout at elections by so called older voters could tip the balance in the favor of Vote Leave. If you are British then you have a vote, if you choose to use that vote then good on you, get informed and know your facts, ask yourself not what you think you know but what the evidence is suggesting, old or young if you want your country back there can be only one choice a Brexit.

The Daily Express has a very promising hypothesis that a Brexit could cause other member of the EU to follow the UK to freedom and liberty, thus causing a eventual collapse of the EU. As the Ottoman and Roman Empires before it, all Empires come to and end. If the British lead the way once again in the liberation of Europe, as in the two World Wars  then so be it. We must however be focused on securing our own future first, then be there to help or European allies should they want to follow our lead. This theory is also presented by CNBC that a Brexit could lead to others following the UK’s lead

The Daily Express leads today with – MORE than 100 chief executives from leading financial firms last night backed the campaign for Britain to quit the EU. More and more business and community leaders are coming out in favor of Brexit, the as momentum builds then the Brexiteers may just prove unstoppable.

Brexit or Bust – #BrexitorBust – Social Media Opinion

Reports of the Leave camp taking the lead in the polls must be taken with a pinch of salt, to secure a Brexit the battle is only just beginning.

Multiple reports promoting the 100 City finance letter in support of Brexit.

One interesting Poll that’s been doing the Rounds ITV POLL taken down by Establishment, unable to find independent source but a lot of talk out there

James points out some basic economics, money we don’t send overseas can be spent at home

The questions needs to be asked, can we really be that lucky? Solid question, Leave the EU!

Ahead or not we must fight tooth and nail to secure both Britain’s and our futures and a independent nation.

Harvey #Brexitier with a great motivational vote Leave Poster.

Mark posting a very provocative tweet, questioning the risk of staying in the EU and its ever expanding boarders.

Paul Rectifies a often miss understood Churchillian quote!

PoliticsSense highlights the recent reportthat the majority of farmers are pro #Brexit

Brexit or Bust – #BrexitorBust – We fight for each other!

The Brexit camp appears to be gaining significant ground, the momentum and is in favor of the Brexit, one area that has been overwhelming in social media and its ability to galvanism support nationally to ensure mass action can be taken to counter any underhanded moves by the political establishment.

Irrespective what the media says, the Brexit campaign has been a overwhelming force for good, it has brought people together who otherwise may never have meet, and established a new pride and interest in seeing the United Kingdom of great Britain and Norther Ireland Succeed .


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