Brexit Effect on the American Presidency Campaign

Brexit Effect on the American Presidency Campaign – World is Changing for the Better

Brexit effect on the American Presidency Campaign – So on Thursday Britain voted to leave the European Union. Of course, the decision had its own special effect on the financial markets. Some of the most immediate effects are:

  • A short-term decline in the economic growth of Britain that will, later on, pick up
  • Scotland demanding for an independence referendum
  • Other European Union countries beginning processes of leaving the EU
  • An increase in the strength of the dollar and thus worsening the U.S trade deficit
  • More commentators become more concerned with the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the U.S. President

Right now the comparison is between Brexit and American presidency campaign. Some people have even coined the term: “First Brexit, then Trump.” The U.S. election is just some few months away.

But people have to view this election in an entirely different angle. The referendum is special in that it did not revolve around issues related to British elections. The main argument was “sovereignty” and “independence” which surpassed British influence. The once-trusted institutions provided advice that most voters ignored. This transformation happened in the UK. Don’t you think it can also happen in the United States?

Brexit Effect on the American Presidency Campaign – Trump

The parallel between Brexit-Trump is not just done by commentators. The man himself has also weighed into the Brexit-Trump matter.

As we look into the ways in which Brexit can affect the US 2016 election, three key points arise. The first is quite straight forward. Do you know how much Obama affected Brexit? That is the level to which it will impact the US.

It is worth noting that Americans did not pay much attention to EU referendum. It is no secret that the country’s citizens do not pay much attention to elections outside America. Thus, the possibility of Brexit not affecting US elections 4 months down the line is viable.

However, the fact that US citizens are silent of foreign elections does not mean they do not notice trends. The same may follow suit in the general elections.

The third effect is that the US may contrast the Brexit and Trump. The Republican candidate himself has mentioned that issues related to Brexit can also be attributed to his campaign. These include immigration, unelected officers causing frustration, and persistent perception.

The question that still lingers in many minds is that now what follows after the Leave won? The demerit of being a voter is you never get to know the effect if the other guy had won. Brexit can be seen as a litmus paper for the Americans. They are able to see the benefits of demerits of Trump-like policies. This gives them an edge in either trusting the man or losing confidence in him.

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